Program Description

The Charlotte Early Middle College (CEMC) represents a unique and innovative approach to ensuring that students graduate with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen post-secondary pathways. All CEMC students sign on for a 13th year of school, which is spent enrolled in college courses as they work toward degrees and industry certifications. All costs are covered by Charlotte Public Schools in the 13th year. Comprised of three distinct programs, the CEMC is designed to meet students where they are and help prepare them for life after high school. The three programs are:


Collegiate Academic Responsive Education System (CHS C.A.R.E.S) is designed for students who may need extra support to meet graduation requirements, this program matches students and career programs through our partnerships with Eaton RESA and Lansing Community College. Students spend half of their day at LCC in the ERESA Career Tech program, and half of their day working on high school graduation requirements in a competency based system. They spend their 13th year at LCC working on furthering their education in their chosen fields. The number of credits earned varies based on the program.

Bulldog Academy

The Bulldog Academy leverages our current relationship with Ferris State University to allow students to earn 60-61 college credits. Students take all of our FSU classes here on site, and then take courses at LCC and FSU in their 13th year. This program is designed for students who are planning on attending LCC or a four year college after graduation.

Capital Region Technical Early College

This program is a partnership with Eaton RESA through their Career and Technology Education programs. Students who enroll in this program spend half of their day at LCC or Davenport University and half of their day in classes at CHS, and then work on finishing credentials and career certifications with LCC or Davenport in their 13th year. This program is designed to meet the needs of students who have specific college and career goals that align to the pathways that are offered.