Program Description

Charlotte Public Schools Project Success represents an innovative approach to helping all students succeed. It is designed to allow students to move through high school curriculum and graduation requirements at a pace that is dictated by their learning, in a true competency and project based system.

Curriculum is individualized for students, and coursework is built to ensure that students are only learning content that is necessary for successful graduation and preparation for life after high school.

Students earn credits when they master the standards for a given course, whether it takes them 3 weeks or 3 months. Staff focuses heavily on building strong relationships with students, meeting them where they are, and providing them the support that they need in a small class-size environment.

In addition, students learn valuable skills needed for career and/or college success through either an LCC or co-op experience, or through a community engagement course. In short, this is a program designed to meet students where they are and help them build a transcript and skills that allow them to succeed in high school and beyond.