Young 5's

Charlotte Public schools is proud to offer one of the few Young 5's programs in the area. We believe a more comprehensive approach ensures our students are prepared to succeed throughout their academic experience in Charlotte and that placement should be based on when they are ready to move on rather than birthday alone.

We understand that while many children may be intellectually ready for kindergarten, they may not be socially, emotionally or physically ready. Difficulty sitting still, being shy or withdrawn in social situations or needing more time to work on large or fine motor coordination may be indicators that our Young 5's program is the right place for your child to start their journey.

This is the first of a two-year program for growing and learning in a carefully planned environment with our highly-trained teachers. This program will ensure your student is prepared for kindergarten and have the right skills to master it. To ensure this program is the best fit for your child we assess their readiness for school and along with your input determine which placement is best for your child.

Many of the skills required to have the best kindergarten experience take time to develop. Our Young 5's program is meant to help enhance those skills in your child to ensure they are as successful as possible when they enter kindergarten. We want our Young 5's students to have time to explore and experiment and develop more independence and process-oriented thinking they will need in kindergarten.

Most of the stresses of school aren’t academic but social, physical and emotional. A child that is not ready to cope with these challenges and is placed in kindergarten can experience stress and inhibition of growth as a whole person. This program will help your student grow in a balanced way. The additional year helps students acquire the skills, confidence, and maturity that are foundational for success in school.

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