For Parents

Charlotte Public Schools is proud of what we have to offer your child.  We are your partner in preparing your child for a successful future outside of our classrooms.  Our goal is to develop strong parent relationships, which are focused upon trust, cooperation, and engagement for the benefit of OUR kids.

Section 1- MI Constitution, Article 8 (1963)

"Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged."


Section 10- Revised School Code (1995 PA 289)

"It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. The public schools of this state serve the needs of the pupils by cooperating with the pupil's parents and legal guardians to develop the pupil's intellectual capabilities and vocational skills in a safe and positive environment."

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