STEM Education

The STEM acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. All of these academic disciplines rely heavily on each other, and are highly integrated in the professional and academic world. Students use their accumulated knowledge to evaluate and solve real-world problems while working collaboratively and building 21st century work skills. Students are able to evolve into STEM-capable learners while becoming college and career ready.

Charlotte Public Schools has been a leader in STEM education, bringing not only authentic learning opportunities for all students but providing cutting edge technologies.  CPS offers state-of-the-art STEM labs at our elementary buildings through high school. These labs provide students opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge. Students are empowered to learn about circuits, robots, engineering design, and scientific process. 

Our STEM classes and robotics teams are intended to integrate the STEM fields through activity and project based learning. Students will be engaged by frequent hands-on activities geared towards combining each of the STEM disciplines. Creativity and collaboration will be encouraged as students solve problems.


“Our nation needs an educated young citizenry with the capacity to contribute to and gain from the country’s future productivity, understand policy choices, and participate in building a sustainable future. Knowledge and skills from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—the so-called STEM fields—are crucial to virtually every endeavor of individual and community life. All young Americans should be educated to be ‘STEM-capable,’ no matter where they live, what educational path they pursue, or in which field they choose to work.”

− Carnegie Corporation of New York Institute for Advanced Study Commission on Mathematics & Science Education, p.vii

Washington Elementary STEM Lab Photos

Parkview Elementary STEM Lab Photos