Welcome to Charlotte Public Schools

We welcome you and your child to the Charlotte Orioles family. We are committed to providing your child with the best possible education. Our team of dedicated, professionally-trained teachers and caring staff are here to support your child along their educational journey.

Technology-infused classrooms, an award-winning performing arts program, an athletic program that focuses on youth development and an exceptional staff inspire even our youngest Orioles...let us inspire your child too.

Commitment and Collaboration

Q:  Why is Charlotte Public Schools the place for my children?

A:   It may boil down to two words: commitment and collaboration. Both run deep and underscore what Charlotte Public Schools is about and what we promise to all those we serve. 

The challenges and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced how important it was for the school district to work together, to listen, and to adapt to meet the needs of our community, families and students through this challenging time. 

CPS promises an unwavering commitment to our mission of providing an excellent educational culture and safe learning environment that is centered on each and every student. That included being one of only a handful of local school districts who worked with families under the state’s Return to Learn roadmap to offer two modes of instruction of either virtual or face-to-face so they could choose the option that worked best for them. Staff has also worked tirelessly to find ways to maintain strong classroom and teacher connections regardless of the various circumstances or enhanced safety precautions.  

Collaboration is at the heart of how our staff strive to operate every day, with a passion for our students to grow, learn, and play, every day. 


Health and Safety

Q: How is Charlotte Public Schools keeping students safe during the pandemic?

A: The health and safety of our students and staff is a top priority. Charlotte Public Schools is working hand-in-hand with health officials to ensure recommended best practices are implemented as they evolve and that our school district meets the various health and safety guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for all in-person instruction and any extracurriculars.

Beyond mask wearing and utilizing social distancing practices whenever possible, some of these key steps include keeping our elementary classes and other students separate by cohorts, installing enhanced air filtration in our buildings and classrooms, and additional cleaning and sanitation measures. 

In addition to our many mitigation measures, we also have been steadfastly tracking and reporting on cases through several means to ensure transparency every step of the way. We also collaborate at least weekly with our local health department partners to help inform all communications and decisions. 

You can find our COVID-19 dashboard current case count and tracker on the home page of Charlotte Public Schools website.

We also include regular COVID updates through email, phone calls, Friday folders and other correspondence or any time we’re notified of a positive diagnosis among our students or staff. 

To learn more about how we’re working to keep you informed and your children safe, please visit our COVID-19 Dashboard.


Virtual Schooling

Q: Is CPS’ virtual option a good alternative if I’m worried about COVID-19?

A: Charlotte Public Schools has worked hard to create a robust, personalized virtual learning platform with dedicated, trained online teachers who cover all the same academic and encore areas to ensure a fit for you and your child.  

Enrolling in CPS’ virtual instruction allows your family and student(s) to still stay connected with classmates in their district and community, while experiencing high-quality teaching from our excellent district team. Learn more here


Additional Support/Programs

Q: What other programs does CPS have to support my child? 

A: The Charlotte area and the Charlotte Public Schools are vibrant, caring communities where black and orange “Oriole Pride” make a big difference.  

Together, we’ve expanded our food programs with drive through meals, the Bird Feeder food pantry, increased summer drop off points, and garnered USDA food boxes for families to help through these challenging times. 

CPS is continually implementing additional academic programs and supports, and will be offering various summer school supports in 2021! This  effort is again designed to meet community feedback and provide parents options to make decisions in the best interest of their students and families. Both in-person and correspondence or online options are available to help close any virtual or academic “summer slide.” Enroll now to take advantage of these programs. More information here


Building for the Future/Ongoing Improvements

Q: What is Charlotte Public Schools doing to ensure a strong education that best prepares our students for successful futures – in career, college and life? 

A: Our district provides a holistic approach to education aimed at developing the whole person and that matches their learning style, from early education to college prep and AP classes and to technical and vocational training. 

Our early elementary school, two lower elementary schools, upper elementary school, and middle school, along with a high school and alternative programming, boast state of the art facilities with top notch teaching talent and staff. We’ve become a regional leader in STEM and the fine and performing arts too. 

We’re also thankful to our community for putting education first in Charlotte. A bond passed in November of 2020 will be instrumental in ensuring CPS can make the needed investments and upgrades to address both short and long term needs and continue to offer first-rate educational opportunities. 

We’re proud of what we have to offer to your student. Reach out and learn more today. 


Q: How is Charlotte Public Schools planning to use the bond money to improve the district?

A: More than 80% of the bond dollars are allocated for improvements to instructional spaces, impacting students and staff on a daily basis. Another 18% is allocated to extra-curricular activity spaces with the remaining 2% for upgrades to the service center and new buses. 

Detailed project design and planning are underway now with feedback from numerous stakeholder groups. Projects are organized by phases with many improvements of Phase 1 that will be taking place this summer and ready for our students to take advantage of by next school year.  

This work is another way that Charlotte Public Schools is helping students grow, learn, and play.  You can find out more and see the progress we’re making by visiting our CPS Bond 2020 page.  

Step 1 - Online Registration

New Student Enrollment Form

Step 2 - Gather Required Documents

  • Certified Birth Certificate (Photocopies are not accepted, we will copy)
  • Parent/Guardian ID (Copy of any court order establishing the right of custody if registering adult is not listed on the birth certificate)
  • Current Immunization Record
  • Proof of Residency (Driver’s License, Voter Registration, Property Tax Statement, Mortgage/Home Closing/Lease Documents, Utility Bill)
  • Special Education Services Documentation if applicable
  • Hearing and Vision Screening & Dental Oral Assessment (first year students only)
  • Other documents requiring your signature will be provided to you at your appointment

Step 3 - Meet with District Registrar

After the online registration is complete, the district registrar will call you to set up an appointment to finalize enrollment.  

Optional Enrollment Process 

  1. Print Enrollment Form or pick up packet from the enrollment office
  2. Call registrar to set up an appointment
  3. Gather required documents as listed above

NOTE: In order to provide the best transition for your child into Charlotte Public Schools, it may take up to two (2) school days for your child to be placed upon receipt of all enrollment paperwork. 

If your child will be five years old on or before December 1, 2021, they are eligible to enroll for the 2021-2022 school year in either a Developmental Kindergarten or Kindergarten classroom.  If your child’s birthday falls after September 1, a provided waiver will be required.

The Galewood Story

We hope you enjoy watching this video and getting a glimpse into the day of our youngest Orioles at Galewood Early Elementary School.

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District Registrar & Skyward Support

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