The Chirp

Charlotte Public Schools is excited to continue “The Chirp” for 2022-2023.  The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.”

Cheer Chirp (Staff Recognition Form)

This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page regularly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what Orioles are chirping about below!

Elizabeth Knighten, Central Office

Elizabeth has been a great addition to our HR team! Her knowledge and efforts have already improved our response times and staff support! Welcome to the team! - Mandy Stewart

Amber Creech, Central Office

Amber has had to hit the ground running mid-year as our new Director of Special ed and Student supports! She cares for staff and students and is an advocate foe all! Great Job! - Mandy Stewart

Mrs. April, Weymouth Childcare

Mrs. April is a dedicated, kind, and genuine teacher for the preschool kiddos at Weymouth. She has dedicated so much time to the children past, present, and future. She is a truly amazing human being and I hope to be even half as amazing as her one day! - Anonymous

Chris Heisler, Charlotte Middle School

Chris is a consummate professional, who helps students focus themselves during their more formable years. He changes mindsets and lives daily! A treasure to the school, staff and community. - Anonymous

Mrs. Jenn Wood, Charlotte Middle School

You and Student Council arranged a wonderful dance before break. -Anonymous

Carol Zwick, Charlotte High School

Carol is an amazing team member. She is always so willing to help and do whatever needs to be done to make the office run smoothly. -Anonymous

Emily Nenortas, Central Office

Emily is always so helpful. She does an amazing job with looking at process to see what we can do to make didn't processes more effective. -Anonymous

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Sommer's connection with students is remarkable. She develops relationships with students that foster a healthy balance of trust, respect, and personal boundaries. She understands that students are people first, and pushes them to be the best student they can be once their needs are met. Working alongside Mrs. Sommer is fun and challenging each and every day! Thank you for your dedication, Gabe! - Becky Carter

Kim Byrens, Charlotte Middle School

Ms. Kim is a fantastic support for our students, and an enthusiastic contributor to our teachers. Countless days this year I have been so appreciative of her help! Thank you, Kim!! - Becky Carter

Lisa Bullen, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Bullen is a huge part of the behind the scenes success of students at CMS. She cares deeply about students and helping them be their best selves. Thank you, Lisa! - Becky Carter

Jennifer Wood, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Wood understands that the social aspect for middle schoolers is key. She develops lessons that include a predictable structure, interactive nature, and rigorous standards to allow our 7th and 8th grade students to prosper. Thank you, Jennifer! - Becky Carter

Nay Sebastian, Transportation Department

With the snow day calls, Nay's work is essential! Out there driving the roads and prioritizing our students' safety! - Mandy Stewart

Transportation Dept

Great job on the annual bus inspections everyone! YOU ROCK! - Mandy Stewart

CPS Strategic Planning Committee, District Wide

Our Strategic Planning Committee did amazing work to draft our improvement plan for the future. They stayed positive, honest, and forward focused to make CPS the best place to Grow, Learn and Play! - Mandy Stewart

Mr. Trumley, Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Trumley goes beyond teaching a curriculum to students. He do so within a welcoming and positive environment that has an impact on students and staff alike. - Anonymous

Erin Turner,Charlotte Middle School

Always extremely positive and helpful. - Anonymous

Mr. Heisler,Charlotte Middle School

Always encouraging to other adults that are struggling - Anonymous

Mr. Trumley,Charlotte Middle School

For your flexibility with students needs. - Anonymous

Mrs. Cates,Charlotte Middle School

The students love the hot chocolate you sell in the morning before school. - Anonymous

Ashley Williams,Charlotte High School

Both of us being 1st year teachers, Ashley has been great to chat with and get ideas and feedback from! - Olivia McCormick

Tasia Robins,Charlotte High School

Tasia is a great addition to the high school staff. She is always so friendly and willing to be a team player!!! - Nicki Bensinger

Galewood Staff,Galewood Elementary

The Galewood staff is absolutely amazing. They ALL go above and beyond to support the district‘s youngest learners. - Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats,Charlotte High School

Ashlyn navigates student needs in a very compassionate manner. She is an advocate for everyone involved in student success and an absolute leader in the district. - Anonymous

Laurel Carpenter, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Laurel has jumped right into her position in the CUE/CMS resource room. She is earning her degree while teaching, but you would have thought she had been doing this for years by how efficient and effective she is. She is great with the kids and is always going out of her way to make resources that they could benefit from. - Anonymous

Michelle Marchand, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Marchand is just an overall great teacher. There is lots to learn from her. - Anonymous

Mr. Guerra, Charlotte Upper Elementary & Middle School

Mr. Guerra goes above and beyond to make recess and lunch a safe place for all! - Anonymous

Emily Nenortas & Nick Boucher, Central Office

So much work they have done for the lengthy CRDC state reporting! This is a team effort, but the bulk of the work has been done by the two of them! THANK YOU - Mandy Stewart

April Delecki, Central Office

April is so wonderful with people, and she is a great support to everyone at CO! So glad to have her here, she always pitches in and helps everyone who has a need! - Mandy Stewart

Julie Gilbert, Galewood Early Elementary

The countless hours she volunteers to PTO and events for students outside of teaching! - Khailea Pond

Stephanie Sutphen, Charlotte Upper Elementary

You have been a wonderful teacher to my 4th grade student, your kindness and understanding is above and beyond. We are lucky to have you. - Katie and Dillon Valdez, Carter Kinsey

Custodial Staff, Washington Elementary

Thank you for everything you do making sure our school is clean. Environment is so important to those in it. - Aj and Natalie Cook (1st grade-Mrs. Donovan's Class)

Kim Byrens, Charlotte Middle School

Ms. Kim is an amazing paraeducator! Her kindness is our CMS students goes above and beyond. She holds the kids to be accountable for their actions, while patiently teaching them manners and life skills at the same time. Kim even brings in ingredients to cook with our students in the functional independence program! Kim is a true gem. Thank you, Kim! - Becky Carter

Lisa Bullen, Charlotte Middle School

Lisa's commitment to helping students at CMS is tremendous. She listens and cares for students so that they feel seen and heard. Lisa's always willing to help where she is needed without a moment of hesitation. Her willingness to be where ever she is needed is truly appreciated by all the teachers in the building! Thank you, Lisa! - Becky Carter

Nikki Babcock, Transportation

She gets her kids to school and to home. - Robert Wolfe

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

Helping people emotionally and trying in every way. - Anonymous

Ms. Newman, Charlotte Middle School

She is kind. - Robert Wolfe

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

She is a really nice teacher. - Anonymous

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

She is always there for me, through the wrongs and the rights. - Carter

James Jordan, Charlotte Middle School

He is the most hilarious teacher. - Logan Seeley

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

She is helping me get better. - Andi Rinehart

Ms. Sommer, Charlotte Middle School

She is kind. - Sam

Allie Jones, Charlotte Middle School

Being funny with dad jokes. - Andi Rinehart

Mrs. Williams (Jessica), Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs Williams has been so patient and understanding with my daughter. We could not have asked for a better teacher to welcome her to the CUE! - The Dipp Family

Kary Parr, Central Office

Kary is so kind and helpful in answering questions. - Anonymous

Miss Curtis,Mrs. Ransom & Mrs. Ferguson, Parkview Elementary

My heart swells with gratitude for these ladies. They are a true blessing to Parkview and Charlotte Public Schools. Thank you for all you do for the students and families. You are appreciated beyond words. - Bobbi Elliott

Mrs. K, Charlotte Upper Elementary

She is nice. - Sam

Kym Kletke, Galewood Elementary

She puts her heart into her kids. - Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School

Ryan is always looking for proactive ways to support the students, staff, and families at the Middle School. He genuinely cares about establishing a positive school culture and working together for consistency for everyone! - Anonymous

Tina Schultz, Charlotte Special Education

Tina is always busy supporting the people at school and in the community. She always answers the phone in a positive manner and helps share all her knowledge of the Charlotte community and schools with families. If feels like she knows every student and staff person in Charlotte Public. She is very calm and spreads her kindness throughout the district. - Anonymous

Lisa Olney, Charlotte Middle School

Lisa shows up everyday and keeps the middle school running smoothly. I appreciate her. - Chris Heisler

Danielle Patterson, Charlotte Middle School

Danielle always has a good attitude and makes work more enjoyable. When days are tough she always knows how to make someone smile. - Chris Heisler

Jamie Bray, Charlotte Middle School

Jamie shows up ready to work everyday. She helps me every time I ask without hesitation. I'm thankful for her. - Chris Heisler

Heidi Ransom, Parkview Elementary

Heidi works so hard to find coverage for our classrooms so the Encore Teachers don't get pulled. Many times, she's doing this on her own time. We are so lucky to have a secretary that goes above and beyond every day!! Thanks so much!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Cheri Friar, Washington Elementary

Cheri works so hard to find coverage for our classrooms so the Encore Teachers don't get pulled. Many times, she's doing this on her own time. We are so lucky to have a secretary that goes above and beyond every day!! Thanks so much!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Julie Ferguson, Parkview Elementary

Julie is always the first person to come over to the gym if a student is crying. It could be from a fall or a time out for bad sportsmanship. Julie always asks if there's anything she can do. I appreciate all that you do for me! Thanks so much!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Anna Schmidt, Washington Elementary

Anna is more than willing to take a student to the office if they're really struggling during PE. I appreciate that so much!! I also appreciate everything you do for the staff and students at Washington! Thanks so much for all you do for me!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Abbie Brown, Galewood Early Elementary

Abbie goes above and beyond to make all of her students a part of her classroom family. All of her students, no matter the needs, are given expectations that they most definitely rise to! Her students are incredibly inclusive and cheer each other on so well! Her students thrive with her firm, consistent, but kind teaching style. Thanks Abbie for all you do! - Laura Clements

Dillon Burns, Galewood Early Elementary

I want to acknowledge Mr. Burns. I am a part of Galewood's SST meetings and I truly enjoy being a part of a team that looks at each child's needs and current skills/abilities to problem solve how best to support them (and their teacher) in the classroom. While working with him for the past few years after Covid I have watched him grow, challenge himself, reflect with staff on how to change things in a positive way, and make sure that he provides a safe and warm place for our students to learn and be successful. I just want you to know that he makes working at Galewood a wonderful place. I love knowing that as a team we are making a huge difference with our youngest learners during their first experiences in school. - Laura Clements

Miss Jones, Charlotte Middle School

Miss Jones is funny. - Robert Wolfe

Ms. Crip, Charlotte Middle School

She helps me with my work and always gave me a chance. - Carter

Mrs. Kim, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Kim is helpful. - Sam

Mr. Jordan, Charlotte Middle School

He is fun and taught every day in class, and only ever missed 1 day. - Anonymous

Lillian Marshall, Galewood Early Elementary

I want to recognize Ms. Marshall for her excellence in communication. I have reached out with several things in a very wide range of topics and Ms. Marshall has been on top of everything helping to take the best care of my son Jay. - Heather Camp

Meagan Mosher, Food Service

Meagan ALWAYS has a smile on her face and goes above and beyond to help students! - Tasia Robins

Becky Carter, Charlotte Middle School

Becky is always thinking of her students and her families first and she is always on the look out for new ways to support them. She is a positive person who really makes students feel supported as well as challenged and she is constantly thinking of strategies and activities to increase engagement. Thank You! - Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Guimont is the kind of principal who is always around and very supportive. He can often be found in the hallways talking to students and providing those positive interactions. He also spends a lot of time supporting teachers and programs in the school. - Anonymous

Anna Schmidt, Galewood & Washington Elementary

Anna earns the VIP Team Member this year, helping in all connections from Galewood Office, Central Office, and MDE needs!! Thank you for your willingness to go beyond your job description. Your work has touched so many areas this year. We couldn't have done it without your help! - April & Emily, Central Office

Jessica Phenix, Central Office

Jessica, You are a rock star staying on top of the district mail while we have all been short handed! Your resilience being a team player is awesome. THANK YOU!! - April & Emily, Central Office

Mr. Forsyth, Charlotte High School

Kirk has volunteered to join strategic planning in his 1st year with us to help the growth of our district for the sake of our kids. He works so hard outside of just teaching to give kids opportunities to shine. Way to go! - Andrew Keith

Mr. Ellis, Charlotte High School

Dan has been doing a great job growing the tennis program here, and his athletes are so excited about this season, and already talking about plans for the next one too! - Andrew Keith

Mr. Everly, Charlotte High School

Zach puts so much of himself into his work, and gives everything for the success and love of his students. Our choir program wouldn't be the amazing place it is without him. - Andrew Keith

Julie Gilbert, Galewood Early Elementary

Julie creates fun and memorable activities for not just her students in her class, but for all the students of Galewood. - Anonymous

Michelle Swarbrick, Charlotte High School

Michelle had her hands full with SAT preparations, especially with us moving to fully digital testing, but this was the smoothest testing has ran in a long time. Thank you for working hard! - Andrew Keith

Mrs. Brush, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Brush organized an entire presentation where someone was able to come in and teach the students all about fresh fruits and vegetables and how they can help their bodies. They also got to plant their own seeds to bring home! My students loved it. - Ms. Hadley

Tami Nixon, Charlotte High School

Tami's commitment to creating an inclusive school environment was on point at the Unified Basketball Game. Her inclusion of the middle school to expand the event even further was awesome! Thank you, Tami! - Becky Carter

Lisa Pohl

Mrs. Pohl loves teaching at CMS and it shows in the work her students are producing every single day. - Anonymous

Miss Manson, Parkview Elementary

Her teaching is great for the kids. - Anonymous

Miss Curtice, Parkview Elementary

Is a great principle for this school and helps anyway she can. -Darlene

Laurel Carpenter, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Laurel is working very hard to make a fun and relaxing learning environment. You know when you enter her room there is love for all of her students. - Anonymous

Keli Hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Keli has been a great mentor and educator for my daughter this year. She is always quick to address any concerns we may have as well. My daughter has had significant growth this school year and I believe it has everything to do with the support and encouragement from Keli. -Nikki Dinda

Miss Tina - Simba, Bus Transportation Department

Miss Tina has been a great bus driver for our daughter these past 3 years. She is fun, supportive, engaged, caring, and a protector. I never worry about my daughter when she is in Miss Tina’s care. - Nikki Dinda

Mr. Moore, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mr. Moore creates a fun class through activities while accommodating each students ability in general & special ed. He encourages his students to push themselves with positive and creative instructions. - Anonymous

Tarin Brush, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Brush goes above and beyond for her students to teach them all about health and growing up! The kids love her and the teachers love workin with her! - Anonymous

Ms.Mackie, Washington Elementary

My energetic boy loves her. She’s patient, and caring to all the little ones. I hope every teacher my son will encounter throughout his school years are just like her. So many teachers could learn from her! - Anonymous

Tammy Weissenborn, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Tammy is always doing something for the staff, as well as the students. She gives selfishly of her time to try and make our work place great, and does so many extra things for the students. She is also an amazing mentor! - Angela Marin

To ALL Charlotte Public School BUS DRIVERS, Transportation Department

Thank You All for making a difference to our students!! - Anonymous

Kris Somers,Transportation Department

Keep up the great work. - Anonymous

Angie, Transportation Department

She an amazing bus Driver. My granddaughter loves her and has been riding her bus for 2 years know . - Danyelle Ovink

Ms Sue, Parkview Elementary

She always makes sure my kiddo gets where she needs to, even when she decides to take a snooze whether that’s on her way to school or way home, Ms Sue always makes sure my daughter feels safe! - Allie

Mrs. Sue (sunshine bus),Transportation Department

nice,caring, willing to help. -“anonymous”

Ms. Caroline, Cinderella Bus, Transportation Department

My son struggles at school and he used to on the bus, she has spent time texting me, and talking on the phone to help find solutions that will help him. She has given me recommendations to help him with his anxieties and has been a great support when I couldn’t find support from anyone else. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her this year. She’s also great with my other 4 kids. What an amazing bus driver and person. - Mom of 5 riders.

Mrs. Hadley, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Hadley is an amazing teacher. She loves each and every student in her class, she teaches, listens, shows love, and corrects behavior in a calm manner that helps the child learn why it was unacceptable. She’s an outstanding person, the kids are so lucky to have her! - Anonymous

Ms. Amy - Sparty, BusTransportation Department

She's amazing. She's up front and honest about expectations. She sets clear boundaries and makes sure the kids are talked to, not talked at. She's always on time, always. She's reliable and consistent. She's kind and fair and handles her bus route like a boss. So glad we have her keeping our kids safe and on time everyday, rain or shine! - The Fassett's

Miss Hawkins, Parkview Elementary

We love Miss Hawkins. She is dependable, relatable and always has a smile on her face. She loves her kids and it shows. She shows up for them in every way she can and when those ways stop working she finds new ways. She talks to her kids with respect and teaches in various ways to ensure each of them understands the lesson. Two of my boys have had her now and she had worked with each of them differently because they are each different style learners. She took my nervous, timid learner and not only found his confidence but taught him how to find it and use it and embrace it. She brought him out of his shell and his learning has exploded this year. He is reading, writing and retaining knowledge at much higher levels than last year AND he's enjoying it! I'll never be able to say enough good things about Miss Hawkins. She's simply, wonderful. - The Fassetts

Heidi Ransom & Julie Ferguson,Parkview Elementary

Thank you ladies for being the best of the best & for keeping the smiles on our faces all day long! - Sabrina Simpson

Miss Sherry & Mrs. S, Washington Elementary

Both ladies always has a smile when Ive been in the office, pleasant to talk to, understanding of all the different kiddos that come into the office & acts with such great kidness anytime Im there or on the phone with her. Thank you for allowing not only myself but most importantly the children to feel so welcome & know they are listened to & cared for by you ladies. Great office staff!! - Andrea Zimmer

Mr G, Charlotte Middle School

He is nice. - Robert Wolfe

Ms.Newman,Charlotte Middle School

She is A nice Person and she gave me an optimist award. - Shirleyann Huber

Mr. Heisler, Charlotte Middle School

He is always present and trying to make a difference in the culture of the building. - Anonymous

Marlo Wiltse, Charlotte High School

Whether it's field trips, extra help, or raising frogs in her classroom, Marlo is always going so above and beyond. No one is more deserving!- Tasia Robins

Stephanie Leavitt,Charlotte High School

When we work on large projects together, Stephanie is helpful in seeing things I may of missed or filling me in on information I do not know yet. When I have questions or need another opinion, I know I can pop over to her office and she will help me. - Michelle Swarbrick



Jeff Szekely, Charlotte High School

Mr. Szekely creates and refines not only fine musicians, but also creates a positive culture and helps students navigate through learning that happens outside of the classroom (State Band Festival trip, New York Trip, and more!). - Anonymous

WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY, Washington Elementary

Thank you to the entire Washington staff for welcoming me in with open arms during my 3 months there. You all went above and beyond to help me adjust and have an overall great experience at your school! I look forward to visiting you all! - Payton Fathman

Ashlyn Coats,Charlotte High School

Ashlyn is so dedicated to serving the kids at the high school to the best of her ability. She not only serves the kids to the best of her ability but she's always present and available to help her coworkers. - Payton Fathman

Michelle Swarbrick,Charlotte High School

Michelle has been working hard this spring balancing testing, master schedule and ensuring students are passing all their classes. Her dedication to making CHS a better place is unmatched! - Stephanie Leavitt

Ms. Jill McKillips, Galewood Elementary

Ms. McKillips strives to make the art program assessable to all young artists and inspire their creativity. It's rare to see a art teacher put so mush passion into the projects she does weekly with her students. How lucky they are to have such amazing art experiences at such a young age. - Anonymous

Mrs. Coats, Charlotte High School

Every day is filled with lots of things that she does for kids. There is no limit to her care and compassion for the students at CHS. -Tasia Robins

RJ, Charlotte High School

RJ is more than an athletic director (which is already a vital role), he is a passionate and caring advocate for students and athletes. Thanks for all that you do behind the scenes to take care of everyone around you. -Tasia Robins

Mr. Sparks, Charlotte High School

What doesn't Mike do? He has his hands and heart into so many things for the community and schools, and thank goodness he does. Being able to see the behind the scenes of all the things that you pour yourself into to better the kids in Charlotte has given me a deep appreciation for your role here. Thank you! -Tasia robins

Mr Keith, Charlotte High School

He is one of my daughter's favorite teachers and he is doing so much for the kids here at the HS. Esports scholarships and clubs that include everyone are happening due to his infectious personality. Thanks Keith! - Tasia Robins

Payton Fathman, Charlotte High School

Mrs. Fathman truly cares about the students and does her best to support them in every way she can. She was greatly missed by the students in her absence and everyone is delighted that she has returned to the HS. Her hard work is very appreciated. - Anonymous

Natalie Keyton, Parkview Elementary

Natalie is not only an amazing teacher, but she is also a huge part of the family at Parkview. She is always willing to come early or stay late for school events. She is a great example of Oriole Pride! - Anonymous

Sabrina Simpson, Parkview Elementary

Sabrina is a caring teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. She finds ways to celebrate each student for who they are. She also does this for the staff at Parkview. She is an important part of the Parkview team! - Anonymous

Dana Becker, Parkview Elementary

Dana is a phenomenal teacher who is always striving to be the best teacher she can be. Dana works hard to reach all of her students while also being a supportive team member. Dana is an important part of the Parlview family! - Anonymous

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary

Emily is a crucial part of the Parkview team. She is always there to step in and help when our students are having big emotions. She is an amazing source of calm in the chaos. Parkview would not be the same without her presence! - Anonymous

Darlene Arnett, Parkview Elementary

Darlene is truly a gem and Parkview is lucky to have her! She is an amazing para! She truly cares for the students and does what she can to help create a positive learning environment. Our Parkview family wouldn't be the same without her. - Anonymous

Kim Telfor, Technology

Kim is always willing to help with technology crisis last minute. She investigates problems and works tirelessly until a solution is found. Kim is very appreciated! - Heidi Ransom

Jennifer Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Williams comes to school in a good mood every single day. She supports every student she comes in contact with and does what ever task is asked without questioning. She always has a smile on her face and her positive attitude is contagious and appreciated! Thanks for ALL that you do! - Jessica Leonard

Amber Moore ECSE, Galewood Elementary

Amber constantly goes above and beyond for her students and their families. She organized an evening event: Power of Play for all her students and their families to come and learn new ideas to help engage and learn skills through play. In addition, Amber is constantly going above and beyond for Galewood and the staff too. She is an AMAZING educator!!! - MS

Lori Bunker, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Bunker went above and BEYOND to make the testing season more fun for teachers. She created bingo boards with things such as, internet not working, student can't log in, student's water bottle falls off the table, etc. IF we got a BINGO or not she stocked our lounge full of snacks, candy, and classroom supplies. It was a great way to carry us into the home stretch! Thank you, Mrs. Bunker! - Anonymous

Jen Wood, Charlotte Middle School    

Mrs. Wood truly cares about the wellbeing of her students. She notices the little things that make a big impact. - Anonymous 

Jen Wood, Charlotte Middle School    

Mrs. Wood truly cares about the wellbeing of her students. She notices the little things that make a big impact. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Cates, Charlotte Middle School   

 Jill puts on "Super Science Saturday" each year. She puts in much of her personal time to make this an awesome event. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Jones, Charlotte Middle School    

As one of the newer teachers, she really has a grasp on how to be successful.  She is kind and caring. She holds up to the expectations. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Wood, Charlotte Middle School    

Mrs. Wood knows exactly how to make her students successful.  She holds them accountable for their education. She does not make excuses for them, which in return makes them better citizens of the community.- Anonymous 

Mrs. Newman, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Newman is the perfect role model for middle school students with her calm demeanor, kind heart and intelligent conversations. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Cates, Charlotte Middle School    

She pushes her students to become the best version of themselves they can be in middle school. She does not make excuses for them, and this is what makes a person become good citizens. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Turner, Charlotte Middle School    

Not only an amazing teacher that holds students accountable, but an amazing example of a wonderful person as well. - Anonymous 

Mr. Trumley, Charlotte Middle School    

He does a great job of letting students take charge of their education while holding them accountable as well. The middle school is lucky to have a teacher with his integrity. - Anonymous 

Ms. Kuhn, Charlotte Middle School    

Does so well with holding students accountable. This is very important for this age group. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Hayes, Food Service    

She is so kind and caring with the students. - Anonymous 

Erin Beasley, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Mrs. Beasley is patient and caring and we appreciate her! - Family of Mya Adams 

Mrs.McRae, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

 (Great at) teaching (and) helping out others. - Cameron Hays

Karissa Siegrist, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

When Ms.Gorgon was out Siegrist was there instead and she was great! - Letty Gutkowski

Ms.Simpson, Parkview Elementary    

She was a awesome teacher and very nice and caring would always gives us rewards for doing our job. - Cameron hays

Mr.berry- CUE

You are funny, and a very good music teacher!!!!!! -Anonymous

Mrs.Angie,Transportation Department  

Always goes above an beyond for her bus kids. - Anonymous

Sarah Kemp, Weymouth Childcare   

 Gone above and beyond the last few months. - Taryn Medina

Gabe Sommerl, Charlotte Middle School    

Gabe, my mentor, has been amazing helping me through my first year teaching. I cannot thank her enough for all she does for me and her students. THANK YOU! -Laurel Carpenter

JoAnna Schultz, Charlotte Middle School   

 Ms. Schultz is constantly looking after her classes and others! She puts forth a lot of time and effort to make sure the Physical Education and Health Education of the students are met, and has great subject-area knowledge. She is a joy to see in the hallways and always looks out for the staff and students, alike! - Anonymous

Jessica Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She works hard with her student to make sure they can be successful in the classroom.-Lori

Bryce Berry, Charlotte Upper Elementary  

 Mr. Berry is the best elementary music educator I have seen! He knows exactly what to teach, and how to get the students involved and invested in what they are learning. Great job, Mr. Berry! - Anonymous

Courtney Quinn, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She cares for her students and creates fun lessons for them. - Lori

Wendy Murray, Charlotte Middle School   

 Ms. Murray is such a hard-working, kind, and driven person in our CMS building. She succeeds at everything she does, and is very thorough. She is a guiding light to our students, and a great role model for all of us. Thank you, Ms. Murray! - Anonymous

Kristen Toadvine, Charlotte High School    

Kristen’s development of Future Educators has brought life into our building and joy to the students who experience this opportunity. - Andrew Keith

Jennifer Clasgens, Washington Elementary    

Jen is subbing long term and truly gone above and beyond to be there for her students and her team at Washington. She is a great example of Oriole Pride! - Anonymous

Makenzie Nave, Parkview Elementary    

Makenzie has been a great addition to Parkview this year. She always has a smile and is willing to lend a helping hand. She is an amazing teacher and team member! - Anonymous

Dana Becker, Parkview Elementary   

Dana is such a hard working, fun teacher to have on my team! She is always thinking outside of the box on how to best teach her students.- Natalie K.

Natalie Keyton, Parkview Elementary  

Natalie sacrifices her personal time to ensure our staff are heard and protected. She is an amazing teacher that cares about every student that walks through her door. -Anonymous

Sabrina Simpson, Parkview Elementary    

Sabrina is such a gentle, calm, positive role model and teacher for her students. She is always surprising and delighting them with something to make learning fun. I love having her on my team! -Natalie K.

Dana Becker, Parkview Elementary   

Dana brings a fun-loving personality to the staff at Parkview. -Anonymous

Miss Fillip, Parkview Elementary    

Miss Fillip is an amazing teacher. She is patient and caring with her students. She is also a huge part of the Parkview team! -Anonymous

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary   

 Emily consistently goes above and beyond for our students and families. She is such a bright light for our Parkview team! - Anonymous

Beka Manson, Parkview Elementary    

What Beka brings to our third grade team is so important. She is always creating something to make learning an absolute blast for her students, with scavenger hunts and escape rooms. Her use of technology for third grade is amazing, and I just love having her on my team. -Natalie K.

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary    

There are no words to fully express how loved Mrs. Rau is and how important her role is in our building as a Student Support Specialist. She forges such strong relationships with students and is an asset to our building. We are lucky to have her. - Natalie K.

Beth Strait, Charlotte High School   

 Beth teaches seniors and at this time of the year is very hard! She is on top of all her students grades and communicates with parents any issues!  Thanks for all you do Beth!    -Stephanie Leavitt

Cathy Cobb, Parkview Elementary    

Cathy is always willing to help where needed without question.  She is flexible and loves her students!    Heidi Ransom

Tariq Sumbal, Charlotte High School  

 I appreciate that Tariq either emails or stops by to talk to me regularly about the students on my caseload in his classes that are struggling and may need some extra support and encouragement. He'll also let me know if certain students on my caseload have shown significant improvement/effort or are doing great in his math class! - Michelle Swarbrick

Julie Crossman, Charlotte High School    

Mrs. Crossman's dedication to teaching and her students deeply influenced me during high school. Thanks to her, I pursued science education in college and now have a fulfilling career in education. - Lance Beasley

Danielle Hallock, Weymouth Childcare  

 She does an amazing job caring for the kids. - Carolyn McDonald

Lori Bunker, Charlotte Upper Elementary  

  Thank you for being amazing teaching partner!  You will be missed! - Courtney Quinn

Zach Everly, Charlotte High School    

I appreciate that Zach makes his rounds when he can throughout each week during his planning time and pops in to say "hi" or stays for a chat to see how I am doing and shows his support and appreciation of me. - Michelle Swarbrick

Rachel Bump, Central Office    

Thank you for always taking your time to answer my questions and sending me in the right directions.  Thank you. - Courtney Quinn

Kya Bohms, Weymouth Childcare

She’s been such a good coworker and someone I look up to tremendously. She’s so good with the kids and has made such an impact on their lives -  Anonymous 

Celena Aspinall, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Always helpful and flexible!   - Anonymous

Sarah Milarch, Charlotte High School    

She is always helpful and working hard to make every students' experience special.  Recently, she led up some staff working together to make a Decision Day Display for our graduating Seniors! This is just one example of many. CHS is lucky to have Sarah on staff.- Anonymous

Justin Vedder, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Positive and great to work with! - Anonymous

Tami Nixon, Charlotte High School    

Tami does so many extras for students at CHS, including Special Olympics, Field Trips, Decision Day Display, etc. We are so lucky to have Tami!! -  Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats, Charlotte High School    

Ashlyn is so good at her job and provides necessary support for so many students. She cares and works hard to help students get what they need! -Anonymous

Olivia McCormick, Charlotte High School    

Being a first year teacher from the "work force" area she has developed good student relationships and has worked hard within the Business Department to enrich the CTE program! - Georgianna Baldwin

Tasia Robins ,Charlotte High School   

Tasia is super friendly and always helpful. She has a genuine desire to help students and it shows in all of her day to day activities. - Anonymous

Melissa Shanker, Charlotte High School 

   Melissa has planned a field trip for students to the Holocaust Museum in Detroit. Doing extras for students requires jumping through so many hoops and I greatly appreciate her hard work to provide this opportunity for students. Visiting the Holocaust Museum will have a long lasting impact on our students. - Anonymous

Brandon Schmitt, Charlotte High School  

  Brandon volunteers as the coach of the e-sports Smash Bros. team and has taken them to the state tournament the last 2 years (at least). Congratulations to your team and thank you for dedicating your time and passion to this team!  - Anonymous

Michelle Sine, Charlotte High School    

Michelle helped me solve a problem in 10 seconds that couldn't be answered in 6 months. She was kind and passionate about getting the answer too me. I really appreciate how she went about solving the issue. Thanks again Michelle! - Anonymous

Abby Pardick, Galewood Elementary    

Abby is amazing at what she does and no matter what chaos is going on she always makes the students a priority! - Emily Richardson

Kristen Toadvine, Charlotte High School   

 Kristen has instituted an amazing Future Educators program in just a few short years.  Great work, Kristen!  - Becky Carter 

Bri Garrison, Washington Elementary    

Bri was greatly missed while on maternity leave. Bri is always kind and empathetic and our students and staff are lucky to have her! - Emily Richardson

Brent Crews, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Brent has taken to his new role at the CUE with speedy Chromebook repairs and attention to detail. -Anonymous

Miss Joyce, Weymouth Childcare  

Joyce comes In early everyday (5:30 am) to manage laundry!!all the laundry, which is tons daily. - Daneen Shumaker 

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School    

Gabe started the LINKS program at the middle school last year, and grew it this year.  The impact this program has on ALL of our students expands far beyond classroom knowledge.  Thank you, Gabe! - Becky Carter

Lisa Pohl, Charlotte Middle School    

Lisa is able to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every student in the room.  She incorporates learning goals, movement, chunking, and the perfect balance of collaboration.  Students feel valued and respected in her classroom, even with her rigorous curriculum.  Keep it up, Lisa! -Becky Carter

Miss Britton, Weymouth Childcare  

This Gal manages the school (Weymouth) food program, she does Amazing with keeping up with classroom  numbers...which is an everyday struggle!! - Daneen Shumaker

Emily Welling, Charlotte Middle School    

Emily is able to cultivate a love for literature in every student that enters her classroom.   She not only teaches a rigorous curriculum, but she also does it in a fun and inspiring way.  Students leave her classroom excited about reading novels!  Let's go, Emily! - Becky Carter

Mrs. Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She goes far beyond the expectations and she goes out of her way to care for not only her students, but her co-workers as well! She is amazing. Thank you for all that you do!    -Anonymous

Team A at Galewood, Galewood Elementary   

Team A puts students first and does their best to meet the needs of each student on their team. - Anonymous

Hannah Birgy, Weymouth Childcare    

Ms. Hannah always loves the kiddos unconditionally, she does an amazing job in the classroom. She is always willing to help wherever needed as well. She is a great asset to Weymouth ❤️- Anonymous

Christian Xanthopoulos, Charlotte Middle School    

Christian strives to develop a learning environment that pushes students to the highest academic level.  At the end of 8th grade, he uses The Outsiders to create authentic learning environment for students include a trial for Johnny and a field trip to see the film at the Eaton Theater.  Thanks, Christian! - Becky Carter

Morgan Wilkins-Palmer, Weymouth Childcare    

Ms. Morgan is such an amazing director and co-worker. She really loves every child that comes in and out of these doors. She also cares for her staff and makes sure that we all know that we are appreciated. She is GREATLY appreciated for everything that she does for all of us at Weymouth! ❤️ - Anonymous 

Mark Trumley, Charlotte Middle School  

 As a parent and coworker, I am so thankful that Mark joined our middle school team.  He teaches the kids first to be human and take responsibility for their actions, all the while incorporating social studies content in a fun and meaningful way.  Thank you, Mark! -Becky Carter

Allie Jones, Charlotte Middle School    

Always willing to help out as needed. - Anonymous

Rachael Bump, Central Office  

 If you need anything, she will make herself available. -Anonymous

Kelsie Newman, Charlotte Middle School   

Always has a smile on her face and positive attitude. - Anonymous      

Micayla Maki, Washington Elementary

Micayla is in her first year of teaching and she is rocking it! She works so hard every day to make sure her students are ready to learn!  - Becky

Abby Kuhn, Charlotte Middle School    

Abby has gone above and beyond to help in all ways during my time at CMS. - Anonymous

Rachel Fillip, Parkview Elementary    

Rachel goes out of her way to help her students be the very best they can be. She is positive and giving of her time and talents. - Heidi Ransom

 Sarah Davis, Charlotte Middle School    

With the new 7/8 math curriculum, Sarah has worked tirelessly to do all of the handouts, quizzes/tests for the new program.  She also makes sure I have everything that I need for the lessons. - Sheryl Towe

Natalie Donovan, Washington Elementary    

Mrs. Donovan is always going the extra mile in our building! She attends all of the extra activities (Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, McTeacher Night, PTO meetings, etc) and has been a huge support to me in my first full year of teaching. She starts each day smiling and greeting everyone which creates a welcoming atmosphere at Washington! - Jen Clasgens 

Sarah Milarch, Charlotte High School 

She is always there when I need help and puts 110% effort into everything she does. - Ashley Williams

Kristen Toadvine, Charlotte High School    

Her help and support have been crucial to me this year! - Ashley Williams

Marlo Wiltse, Charlotte High School    

Mrs. Wiltse has taken students on a number of field trips to explore scientific phenomena giving students some real world science applications. - Anonymous

Olivia McCormick, Charlotte High School    

She makes her class fun and can always put a smile on your face!  - Ashley Williams

Scot Morrison, Charlotte High School    

Mr. Morrison has created a space where students are able to demonstrate their learning and complete standards.  Many have now graduated. - Anonymous

Tasia Robins, Charlotte High School 

 Tasia makes the high school a better place to work by having a smile and a kind word everyday regardless of the circumstances. She connects with students and improves the day of everyone with whom she interacts.- Anonymous

Michael sparks, Charlotte High School    

BEST DAD EVER. - jj sparks

Mrs. Keyton, Parkview Elementary    

Mrs. Keyton is such a wonderful gift to Parkview! She is such an excellent teacher! She effectively handles whatever situations may arise with her students.  She has very high expectations, yet always speaks to everyone with respect and sincerity. I have defiantly  been positively influenced by her consistent example of professionalism and authenticity. Natalie is a super star!!!  - Anonymous

Laurel Carpenter, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She devotes so much extra time and energy into making materials for her students in order to better meet their learning needs. - Anonymous

Amber Moore, Galewood Elementary    

Amber is always working to make Galewood a better place for both staff and students. She helps with MTSS, staff recognition, and goes above and beyond for her students. She put together "Power of Play" night for her students and their families to better support the students outside of the classroom as well! - Anonymous

Jessica Leonard, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

 Jessica has stepped into a new role these past few years and she is excelling at it! She is always working hard to help her students succeed; individualizing her lessons and effort to each student for maximum success.  - Anonymous

Alison McRae, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She is a great teacher!  - Anonymous

Jill Cates, Charlotte Middle School    

Mrs. Cates is such a wonderful teacher for middle schoolers.  I love the connections she made with both of my children, and you can see her at all the CPS events. Thank you for being so great for our middle school students!  - Natalie Keyton

Jane Haga, Parkview Elementary    

Mrs. Haga is so deeply loved by all of her students. They love her love of the natural world and how she brings that into her teaching. She makes such wonderful connections with her students and loves them. - Natalie K.

Lucinda McCalla, Parkview Elementary    

Lucinda is a veteran teacher in the district who has such wonderful management and consistency across the board that makes her students feel safe and learn in a structured environment. She knows her students inside and out, and that is admirable. - Natalie Keyton

Makenzie Nave, Parkview Elementary    

Makenzie brings such love to our staff and goes above and beyond to help make Parkview a positive place to work. She is a wonderful team builder, and we are lucky to have her as a new staff member. - Natalie K.

Cathy Cobb, Parkview Elementary   

 Cathy goes above and beyond in making sure our students receive the academic support they need. My students absolutely love working with her. Cathy is absolutely awesome at her job! - Rachel Fillip

Lori Pratt - Parkview Elementary    

Lori puts her heart and soul into the academic support she provides our students. My students learn so much from her and are always excited to work with her. We are so thankful to have her working with our students! - Rachel Fillip

Mrs. Alvarado, Parkview Elementary  

  Mrs. Alvarado is an amazing teacher, she has gone above and beyond to help my child be able to make it through the day without any issues. He really struggled at the beginning of the year and she figured out what works for him. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Simpson, Parkview Elementary   

 She is an excellent teacher, my son loves her imagination box, she brings in random things from home that they can create with! Such a great idea! -Anonymous

Miranda Hart, Parkview Elementary   

Miranda is a wealth of information and always ready to help! She is a pleasure to work with!   - Jane Haga

Mrs. Carolyn, Weymouth Childcare  

 She is always so easy to communicate with. And she is very responsive to the children's needs. She is also very kind and understanding. And a great team player! - Danielle 

Mr. Haney, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

Mr. Haney serves as the 4th grade team leader, field trip planner, fundraiser hot shot, and the all time best recess quarterback. He is well loved by his students. - Mrs. Beasley

Dillon Burns, Galewood Elementary    

He is always working to make Galewood a great place to learn and teach. He makes everyone who is there feel welcome. - Anonymous 

Jared Gates, Charlotte High School  

Jared develops positive relationships with students, even in a foreign language!  I love hearing about all of the ways that he engages students in learning a new language.  Not only does he make learning Spanish fun, but the authentic experiences he offers allow students to connect with another culture in a real way.  Muy Bueno Senor Gates! - Kristen Toadvine

Melissa Shanker, Charlotte High School  

Melissa continues to find ways for students to connect to learning outside of the classroom. This year she has organized a trip to the Holocaust Museum for students to SEE what they are learning in English.  They are able to make personal and lasting connections to the texts they are reading by engaging in this experience.  I love her excitement and enthusiasm for learning! It is contagious and evident in the engagement of her students.  Thanks for being awesome, neighbor! - Kristen Toadvine

Becca Manson, Parkview Elementary

Wonderful teacher that loves her students. - Anonymous

Beth Strait, Charlotte High School  

Beth's compassion for students and their well being is admirable.  Often she is connecting with students that others of us might not be able to reach.  Her daily welcoming of students at the door shows her commitment to knowing who her students are.  It is not uncommon to see Beth having conversations with students about how they are doing.  She provides student support in a quiet way that brings about student confidence and success. - Kristen Toadvine

Jessica Phenix, Central Office    

Jessica is quick to help find solutions to problems that may be miniscule to her but big to us.  I appreciate her willingness to listen and help.  Anonymous

Cheri Friar, Washington Elementary    

She goes above and beyond her job description. She has a ton of stuff on her plate but does not hesitate to help the staff, students and parents out. Washington is very lucky to have her! - Anonymous

Anna Schmidt, Washington Elementary   

Washington is very lucky to have Anna! She works hard to make sure everything is going smoothly at the school. - Anonymous

Jen Clasgens, Washington Elementary    

Jen has really stepped up for Washington! She has gone above and beyond the districts expectations. Washington is very lucky to have had Jen teachers for the whole year.-Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats, Charlotte High School    

Ashlyn is such a strong advocate for the kids that need her the most. Thanks for all that you do!! - R. J. Guizzetti

Abby, Emily Rau, Emily Gordon, Karrisa, Shasta, Ashlyn and Payton, All buildings 

I'm beyond thankful for my fellow Student Supports! They have helped out tremendously while I was on maternity leave. All our schools are lucky to have them!! - Bri Garrison

Mike Sparks, Charlotte High School    

Mike has done such a great job of increasing our Youth Recreation programming for the kids of Charlotte. Thanks, Mike! - R. J. Guizzetti

Tasia Robins, Charlotte High School    

Tasia has been a perfect fit for our department, taking on more and more responsibility, while also being so supportive of the students. - R. J. Guizzetti

Tracy Evans, Charlotte High School   

 Nobody knows just how much Tracy does behind the scenes for our students and staff. She is always focused on what she can do to make things like graduation, prom and senior honors convocation extra special for our students. Thanks, Tracy! - R. J. Guizzetti

Deb Cordill, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

Deb has been a supportive and welcoming teammate in the CUE 4th grade this year! It's clear that she builds lasting relationships with her students based on the many who stop by her classroom to visit. She provides rigorous learning opportunities and holds them to a high standard. Way to go, Ms. Cordill! - Alison McRae

Mindy Sparks, Substitute    

Best mom ever- Jj sparks

Mrs.Mcrae, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

 Great teacher, teaches us well and always helps us with our work when we need help.  - Anonymous

Kandi Roberts, Charlotte High School    

The students enjoy your positive energy!! - Olivia McCormick

Julie Smith, Parkview Elementary   

 In Julie's short time at Parkview she has made an impact on our students.  She is so kind and friendly, students can't help but be drawn to her.  She helps our lunchroom and recess time run smoothly. - Anonymous

The 6th Grade Staff, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

The staff that held each other up when three staff members lost their parent.  Thank you for being amazing. - Anonymous

Kristen Owens, Washington Elementary    

She cares deeply for the students in her care. She is very loving and patient even when they are testing every boundary. - Becky Taylor

Ms. Jaycee, Weymouth Childcare 

Ms. Jaycee brings her best to Weymouth every single day and is an amazing teacher and an even better friend to these kids! So thankful for all she does for our classroom! -Ms. Brooklyn

Carol Zwick, Charlotte High School  

She is always willing to help everyone, is an amazing human and always has a smile on her face!! - Nicki Bensinger

Ms. Kenzie, Weymouth Childcare    

Ms. Kenzie always has the most positive attitude when with the kids in our class! She brings so much fun to the classroom! - Ms. Brooklyn

Michelle Sine, Central Office    

Michelle is always willing to listen to concerns or questions that come up.  You is willing to consider all sides to a situation and help come up with an outcome that will benefit all staff.    - Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Central Office   

 Mr. Boucher is always on the go, filling in where needed while maintaining a positive persona.  -Emily and April 

April Delecki, Central Office   

April is willing to above and beyond her duties and always providing guidance is areas she is familiar with. - Emily

Sarah Milarch, Charlotte High School   

Sarah is amazing at communication (and in general) and helpful in solving process issues with me. - Emily Nenortas

Julie Davis, Aquatic Center    

Julie is always seeking out new and exciting activities for students and community members to attend! - Anonymous

Rachele Beyerlein, Parkview Elementary   

 You are a great team member and awesome to work with.  I watch you go above and beyond during the heart fundraiser and mileage club to encourage our students to be healthy!   -Jessica Droscha

Jackie Surdenik, Parkview Elementary    

You are a great addition to our encore team.  You take on extra tasks like note taking, schedules, and more.  Thanks for all you do!  - Jessica Droscha

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School 

Ryan really cares about his students and the morale of his staff. It is very much noticed and appreciated. - Anonymous

Mrs.Manson, Parkview Elementary  

Great communication, great work ethics, and has been great with my daughter! -Tazia Humphreys 

Annette Jones, Parkview Elementary  

You work so hard to bring in engaging, hands on activities for our students.  You are a great addition to our encore team. - Jessica Droscha

Lisa Olney, Charlotte Middle School    

Cool as a cucumber - Lisa, you make it work around here! We are grateful to have you :)- Anonymous

Jessica Phenix, Central Office    

Jessica is a pleasure to work with and is always extremely helpful.  She is always willing to work with you and help make sure everything is processed correctly and that all of your questions are answered. - Lisa Olney

Chris Heisler, Charlotte Middle School    

Chris Heisler does such an amazing job interacting with all students. Whether it's tough love or support, Chris does right by our kiddos :) - Anonymous

Beth Monroe, Parkview Elementary    

Beth is always very positive and willing to help with anything that arises.  She is very patient and sensitive to the needs of our students. - Heidi Ransom

Lori Pratt, Parkview Elementary    

Lori is the most dedicated staff member. She loves all of our students with a mother's heart. What a role model. - Natalie Keyton 

Randall Carlson, Charlotte High School    

Takes interest in students who struggle. - Anonymous

Becky Carter, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She is a positive influence on the many students she works with. - Anonymous

Katherine Crips, Charlotte Middle School  

Making a difficult subject relevant for 7th graders. -Anonymous

Melissa Shanker,Charlotte High School  

 She is always kind, helpful, and supportive. She puts hard work and passion into everything she does. - Ashley Williams

Mike Baker,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Baker brings so much to CMS. I especially appreciate his down to Earth personality and how he connects with our students. - Anonymous

Shannan Connor, Washington Elementary 

Shannan is amazing!  She is such a hard worker and is so great with her students!  I love working with her! - Anonymous

Brent Bishop, Food Service   

Brent does whatever he can to make it all work throughout the entire district. He always has a solution!! He's been a phenom!!  I really am proud to work along with him. - Meagan M

Cheri Friar, Washington Elementary    

Cheri is just the best!  She puts her heart and soul into her job and the students are her top priority! - Anonymous

CUE 6th grade staff, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

I greatly appreciate working with you all!  We are great at bouncing ideas off each other and getting things done! The 6th grade staff rocks! - Lori

Brandy Medler, Galewood Elementary

Brandy is phenomenal!  She is the ultimate parapro!  She loves her students and works so hard to  help them be the very best they can!  - Anonymous

Belinda, Nicole, Lisa, Iris, Vicki, Whittney - High school    Food Service 

 You keep the kitchen running and everyone's stomachs happy.  You are all amazing ladies!! -Meagan M

Jill Cates, Charlotte Middle School   

Jill puts in a lot of time for the Middle School. NJHS, Yearbook, Super Science Saturday, Hot Chocolate sales, concessions, filling in for Breakfast Supervision, Saturday School Supervision. - Anonymous 

Emily, Mindy, Kristin, Amber, Veronica and Sheena - Middle School    Food Service  

You ladies keep those kiddos happy each and every day!! -Meagan M

Brenda and Angela - Washington     Washington Elementary 

 Your kiddos are always happy to see you for lunch!! - Meagan M

Codie and Sam - Galewood Food Service    

You keep smiles on those little kiddos faces every day!! -Meagan M

Mr. Trumley, Charlotte Middle School    

Great attitude! Great role model! Great teacher! - Anonymous 

Misty and Annette - Parkview Food Service    

You keep your kiddos stomachs full and happy!! - Meagan M

Ms. Chenoweth, Charlotte Middle School    

Love seeing all the art work, students are doing lots of cool things! -Anonymous 

Mrs. Alvarado, Parkview Elementary

Mrs. Alvarado brings a warm and upbeat atmosphere to her class, and all those around her.   - Anonymous

Ms. Rau, Parkview Elementary 

Ms. Rau goes above and beyond helping wherever needed. -Anonymous

Ms. Simpson, Parkview Elementary  

Ms. Simpson, thank you for being a ray of sunshine! -Anonymous

Ms.Manson, Parkview Elementary 

She has really encouraged my daughter to grow and to be challenged in the ways she needed to! She has been really supportive to me as well. She is the best 3rd grade teacher in the district! -Anna Novetske 

Laura Clements, Galewood Elementary    

Laura plans the most engaging and fun activities for her speech sessions. She also participates in all the MTSS meetings and is always working to provide education and universal supports for the school to implement communication and other behavioral strategies at Galewood. -Anonymous

April Delecki, Central Office    

April is always trying to make everyone's job easier and jumping in when anyone needs help!  -Mandy Stewart

Emily Nenortas, Central Office   

Emily is the best person to introduce our families to CPS! She seems to know everyone and makes the best first impression! - Mandy Stewart

Nick Boucher, Michelle Sine, Rachel Bump, Charlotte High School    

I am continually amazed at how this team can take on anything with great humor!  Laughing at work is the BEST! - Mandy Stewart

Mrs.Dyerness, Galewood Elementary    

beacuse you help out scarlett and you are a good teacher!    vivian ruby cassidy

Chris Heisler, Charlotte Middle School  

Mr. Heisler has a tough job, but he does his job well and he cares about the students and their future. - Anonymous

Galewood Paraprofessionals, Galewood Elementary    

This team does such amazing work with children and work hard to support staff and students.  They also work together to go really above and beyond to express appreciation for teachers.  We love our paras. -Anonymous

Mrs. Gilbert, Galewood Elementary   

 she always goes above an be on for all her kiddos. - Shawnee Mrozek

Lisa Olney, Charlotte Middle School    

She is the glue of the middle school. - Cates

Sheryl Towe, Charlotte Middle School   

 Still going above and beyond with her students. - Cates

Sarah Davis, Charlotte Middle School   

Keeps the middle school math program running. -Anonymous

Becky Carter, Charlotte Middle School    

Becky always has a positive attitude and works diligently to spread cheer to those around her.  She is great to work with! - Anonymous

Nay Sebastian, Transportation Department 

   As supervisor, Nay should not have to drive routes as often as he does, often daily for weeks, but always shows up good natured and smiling. Thank you for bringing your positive attitude through the door, no matter what time of day! - Anonymous

Stacy Upchurch, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Stacy came to the CUE and stepped right into action. She has handled the transition wonderfully and has been very supportive. Thank you for all you do! - Jessica Leonard

Sarah Milarch, Charlotte High School  

  Sarah has the ability to brighten anyone's day.  Her energy and enthusiasm while teaching is unmatched.  Thanks for all you do! - Brandon Schmitt

Scot Morrison, Charlotte High School    

Scot has done a great job with the project success program.  He is always looking out for the students' best interests so they have the best chance to succeed. - Brandon Schmitt

Bobby Hejnal, Charlotte High School    

Bobby and I have been in charge of the bird feeder for the past few years.  He always makes sure that we set aside time to order new items and keep the pantry stocked. - Brandon Schmitt

Zach Everly, Charlotte High School   

 I have never heard more good things about a choir director from my students than what I have heard about Zach.  He holds is choirs to a high standard.  Also, thanks for giving me the opportunity to play in the pit again.- Brandon Schmitt

Jeff Szekely, Charlotte High School    

Jeff does a great job with the band program at CHS.  His students represented Charlotte well during their performance at state festival. -Brandon Schmitt

Mrs. Haga, Parkview Elementary    

Mrs. Haga shares her love of learning with a gentle spirit. -Anonymous

Entire staff at Weymouth CDC, Weymouth Childcare    

This is a great staff. We’re one big family. Everyone helping out and caring about each other, while caring for the youngest students in the district. Each one of us deserve to be recognized for doing a great job! -Lynda Emery, Lead Preschool Teacher

Ms.Beckman!, Washington Elementary 

Ms.Beckman made 3rd grade so fun she never got mad and we always got to do fun stuff well learning Ms.Beckman was the best teacher ever! - Olivia Fullerton

Julie Smith, Parkview Elementary    

She aways has a smile on her face when she is helping the students and she loves helping the schools by doing what she can. looking forward to going to the school every day. She is also very kind and sweet in general and to the kids/ staff. -kaylee palma

Vicki Lumbert, Parkview Elementary    

Vicki is so wonderful to work alongside, sharing students with her over the years. She goes above and beyond to teach and support and love the whole child. She advocates for all children, and she is just a gift to this district for so long. -Natalie Keyton

Cathy Cobb, Parkview Elementary   

Cathy is such a wonderful coworker here at Parkview. She comes with years of solid teaching experience, and is so down to earth and wonderful to collaborate with! -Natalie K.

Kym Kletke, Galewood Elementary   

Is there anyone more cha-cha than Kym Kletke? What a gift to this district. The dedication she has shown her students and their families over the years is wonderful. The energy she brings is infectious as is her positivity. I am blessed both of my children had her. - Natalie K.

Ms. Simpson, Parkview Elementary  

Ms. Simpson always has a smile on her face and always has a positive/cheerful attitude. She goes above and beyond for her students adding fun activities to make learning fun and enjoyable. -Jamie Johnson

Victoria Bridleman, Weymouth Childcare    

She is always so cheerful to see the kids and takes great care of them. -Anonymous 

Heidi Ransom, Parkview Elementary    

Heidi is a leader and friend to everyone! There is nothing that she will not do! -Anonymous

Heidi Ransom, Parkview Elementary    

Heidi takes a tough job and does it with a smile. She can move from a very stressful situation to making you laugh just like that. She's a treasure! - Kim Telfor

Danielle Davidson, Charlotte Middle School  

Danielle's dedication to Charlotte Public Schools is evident through the success of our music program.  She is also an active part of our instructional team, offering valuable input.  Her smile is a wonderful addition to CMS! - Becky

Julie Ferguson, Parkview Elementary   

 Gentle Julie exudes so much care and compassion with our students. She has built excellent relationships with our students and families! -Anonymous

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary   

Mrs. Rau is amazing! She is so kind and patient with my son! -Anonymous 

Mrs. Sommer, Charlotte Middle School    

Mrs. Sommer takes on the difficult situations, and holds her ground with them. She helps them learn that their actions create their circumstances. - Anonymous 

Jared Gates, Charlotte High School    

Jared is an outstanding teacher who invests so much time into engaging his students in creative ways! CHS is lucky to have Jared on our staff!  -Sarah Milarch

Ashley Williams, Charlotte High School    

Ashley is thoughtful with the development of her lessons to engage her students!  She is always so kind and so optimistic! We are lucky to have Ashley at CHS! -Sarah Milarch

Mrs. Towe, Charlotte Middle School    

Mrs. Towe came in as a math teacher like a rock star!!! The middle school is so lucky to have her.   -Anonymous 

Olivia McCormick, Charlotte High School    

Olivia has so much school spirit and is so energetic! She is always looking for ways to engage ALL students in the school community! She's a great addition to CHS! -Sarah Milarch

Julie Crossman, Charlotte High School 

Julie always goes above and beyond to help staff and students at CHS! She helped Sarah Milarch and Lorin Steward develop the outstanding senior Decision Day display this past week, and the students LOVED the engaging "take flight" display!  Thanks for always working behind the scenes to do great things for our school!  - Anonymous

Mr. Trumley, Charlotte Middle School   

 ...runs an amazing classroom! He commands the attention of his students without much effort. Respect, Integrity,  Inspiration!!!  -Anonymous

Lorin Stewart, Charlotte High School   

Lorin always goes above and beyond to help staff and students at CHS! She helped Sarah Milarch and Julie Crossman develop the outstanding senior Decision Day display this past week, and the students LOVED the engaging "take flight" display!  Thanks for always working behind the scenes to do great things for our school!  -Anonymous

Sarah Milarch, Charlotte High School    

Sarah always goes above and beyond to help staff and students at CHS! She helped Julie Crossman and Lorin Stewart develop the outstanding senior Decision Day display this past week, and the students LOVED the engaging "take flight" display!  Thanks for always working behind the scenes to do great things for our school!  - Anonymous

Brandon Schmitt, Charlotte High School    

Brandon is so reliable and helpful! He is a steady force and the voice of reason! Brandon is an asset to CHS! -Sarah Milarch

Scot Morrison, Charlotte High School   

Scot is an AI genius, and better yet, he helps others (like me) have more access and confidence with the new technology! Scot has really advanced my instructional use of technology this year! CHS is fortunate to have Scot! -Sarah Milarch

Christy Huver, Galewood Elementary    

She has been a HUGE blessing to Galewood. Her desire to help kids succeed is top tier! She is a dynamic educator who really cares for students and puts her heart and soul in all she does! You have been AMAZING to work with and I appreciate you endlessly!  -Andrea

Tami Nixon, Charlotte High School 

Tami is a silent force who makes constant progress at CHS! She prioritizes unifying our student body and cares deeply about her colleagues and her students! Tami Nixon is an outstanding colleague who ALWAYS keeps a positive disposition and motivates everyone around her! -Anonymous

Jamie Keller, Galewood Elementary  

 Jamie you are a blessing to the music program. The students at Galewood have had an awesome intoduction to music through your love for sharing it with others! What a fantastic job you have done with their performances this year! Stellar job! You are amazing! -Andrea

Bobby Hejnal, Charlotte High School   

Bobby is a supportive colleague and friend! He has a high standard for his students, works countless hours on the yearbook, and always finds a way to maintain a great sense of humor!   -Sarah Milarch

Weymouth Preschool 1 - April and Pat, Weymouth Childcare    

What a great team to work with! - Lacey

Andy Czaika, Maintenence Department   

Andy is always responsive and positive in his role! Everything is a "Piece of Cake!"-Anonymous

Michelle Sine, Central Office    

Michelle is a tireless worker, and her attention to detail keep this district finances in wonderful shape!  -Mandy Stewart

Abby Pardick, Galewood Elementary    

Abby was a great contributor for our Strategic Plan and it is amazing to see her work with Roman (SEL dog) and the kids! - Mandy Stewart

Michelle Swarbrick and Kristen Toadvine, Charlotte High School    

Michelle and Kristen are great leaders in their strategic plan sub-committee, they are really making efforts to support and retain our staff! -Mandy Stewart

Andrew Keith, Charlotte High School    

Andrew's work during strategic planning was very positive and valuable, and I am looking forward to next year when his family is an "Oriole Family"! - Mandy Stewart

Mrs. Brown, Galewood Elementary  

  Mrs. Brown provides a learning environment that supports all learners. She creates an inclusive environment and provides high expectations for all of her students while providing opportunities for students to learn through play. She provides students real-life opportunities to practice and apply their learning. -Anonymous

ECSE Related Service Providers (Mary S.OT, Katie R.PT, Laura C.SLP, Donna G. Autism Teacher Consultant), Galewood Elementary    

What an amazing team we have supporting our youngest learners. So thankful for your support as it is a group effort to help our students and families experience growth and success. Thank you for collaborating and supporting the "grand" ideas I come up with to facilitate learning and to support school to home connections. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! - Amber Moore

Lisa Hoyt, Galewood Elementary    

Your dedication to help students succeed and grow does not go unnoticed.  - Anonymous

Julie Gilbert, Galewood Elementary

Julie puts her all into her students and gives them great experiences. -Anonymous

Liz Pashby, Galewood Elementary   

 Liz has taken on DK with her all and gives her students the care and love they need.-Anonymous

Nicolette Poprawa, Charlotte High School    

Nikki is one of the most compassionate and empathetic educators that I know. She truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond to advocate for them. We are so lucky to have her at CHS! -Abby Wiles

Shasta Lenz, Charlotte Middle School   

Mrs. Lenz, thank you for the empathy, compassion, and strength that you give freely to  students and staff. Your consistent positive attitude and presence is appreciated and needed! - Anonymous

Lincoln, Charlotte Middle School    

Lincoln, thank you for making a PAW-sitive difference at CMS! - Everyone

Weymouth child development center staff, Weymouth Childcare    

I have worked at Weymouth for 12 years now and have had the pleasure of working with many coworkers and have learned something from them all! The ataff here are sincerely dedicated to the children and families that they serve here in Charlotte! Keep up the great work Weymouth!  - April Debler

Pat and Lacey, Weymouth Childcare   

 Thank you both for your patience and knowledge that help foster a fun, safe, and supportive learning environment in our classroom! Your generous support is not only for the children but for our team! I truly value you both and know that I am a better teacher because of what you both contribute to our team!  -April Debler

Ms. Abby, Galewood Elementary 

She is amazing with the kiddos that need a little extra support on the hard days! She made my child’s school experience one hundred times better!  - Anonymous 

Mrs. Hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

Shes a great teacher and is kind to all students equally. - Anonymous

Mrs.D, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

They just the best person ever. You can let them know I recognizing them. - Anonymous

Ms.Hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

 She can help anyone and she is the best teacher ever. when i'm sad Ms.Hammond will see me and ask if i'm ok and if i say "no"she will just talk to me and that will make me feel much better. - Anonymous 

Natasha Jewell, Washington Elementary    

Cause she always helps me and she is such a kind person to everyone. -Keagan Jewell

Erin Beasley, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She is very kind and humorous, as well as working hard to get her students what they need.-Mrs. Beasley's favorite student, Everett St. John

Mrs. Hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

For help me and other people with math. She is nice and amazing. - Anonymous 

Mrs.hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

she helped my NWEA score go from last test 229 to this test 252 because she is an amazing math teacher. - Grace

Tamra Weissenborn, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She is a great teacher, and although some people do not like her, I think she is very kind. She also helps the school out by doing student council. -Mrs. Weissenborn's favorite student, Everett St. John

Mrs. Hadley, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

well last year for me was like really fun she let us go outside and play shark and minos.   -Anonymous

Mrs D`hvetter, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

mrs.d is the best because shes so so nice and my fav. - kinsli

Mrs.hammond, mrs,miler MRS,D, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

They the best people at the cue. You can let them know. - Anonymous

Ms.Miller, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

I feel bad for her so i wanted to do this. "Ms.Miller,your the best teacher i've ever had.  When there was two subs she was the only one here and she was stresst out with my class and i felt bad for her because i felt the same way,when i was at resess my friends where fighting and then they walked of on me and then i started to cry so i feel what she feels. -By addisyn

Mrs. Miller, Charlotte Upper Elementary  

She has put up with my class so much and still is amazing to us. - Anonymous

Mrs.Hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Mrs.Hammond has been through a lot. After all the stuff that  has happen, she is still  an awesome teacher . - Clover Williams

Mrs. Worden (I don't know her first name), Charlotte Upper Elementary   

She is a very caring and helpful librarian, and she can always help you find something. I like how she can always help me find whatever I want to read. - Everett St. John, most likely her favorite reader.

Mrs.Brush, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Thanks for teaching us new things we all appreciate it. -Anonymous

Mrs. Beasley, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She is an amazing teacher, and i haven't met anyone that dislikes her! -Teagan Haney

Mrs. Yates, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

My class may be horrible and like Mrs. Miller she puts up with us and she said that i was her favorite student out of all like 80 students. -Anonymous

Danielle Davidson, Charlotte Middle School    

She is a brilliant band teacher, and she can always tell what you need to fix, and she has helped many students improve tremendously. She is also very kind, and she really cares about all 200 of her students. - Everett St. John, who might be her favorite student.

Karen Miller, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Karen has been such a valuable member of our team this year.  When I lost my mother recently, Karen really stepped up and helped with plans, checked on me, and helped substitutes manage the other two classes in our team, all while continuing to handle her own difficulties outside of school.  I could not have made it through this year without her help.  

-Keli Hammond

Mrs, Miller, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

 She is a wonderful teacher because we do a lot of projects and they are so fun, she is the best. -Teagan Lynn Misener

Mrs Becker, Parkview Elementary   

She is a great teacher i love her and miss he so much hope she is living the best life and she was always helping , being kind, and i hope u have a great day! -Milaya Inge Montgomery!

Ms. Wood, Charlotte Middle School    

she is kind. -sam

Natlie Donovan, Washington Elementary    

She is a great teacher. -Rhys or me

Emily Nenortas, Central Office    

Emily has been helping me since day one and most recently with a new project.  She takes time out of her very busy day to help me achieve and I appreciate her for that! -Tasia Robins

Mr Burns, Galewood Elementary   

My daughter said she enjoys school so much because of him.  Coming from a 6 year old, that's all the explanation that you need! Thanks for all that you do! -Anonymous

Marlo Wiltse, Charlotte High School   

She is such a great teacher!  My daughter said she is hoping to have her next year for class as she is looking forward to doing fun and challenging things in the classroom. -Anonymous    

CUE Special Education Team, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

 Everyone has been so supportive and works so well as a team!  We have had a year full of changes and each one of you stepped up and stepped in to help as much as possible!    -Jessica Leonard

Ms. Kaitland, Weymouth Childcare    

She has done great taking over in our infant room. She does great as a part of the team. And the kid's love her. :)  - Danielle Hallock 

Mrs. Worden, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Very pleasant and always helpful! - Anonymous 

Mrs. Towe, Charlotte Middle School    

She is the unsung hero for coming in late in the year and rocking out the math program!-Anonymous

 Ms. Newman, Charlotte Middle School    

What a pleasant soul! A true asset for the middle school! - Anonymous 

Mrs. Cates, Maintenance Department   

Sincere appreciation for you being consistent with students. No one needs consistency more than middle schoolers.  -Anonymous 

Ken- Custodian, Charlotte Upper Elementary  

Ken is always ready to help! I needed some magic erasers and a duster to clean up my classroom and he brought it to my room within just a few minutes. - Anonymous

Mrs. Jones, Charlotte Middle School    

You're more than kind and pleasant to be around, you do a great job of teaching students that they are valuable and important. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Olivia, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Mrs. Olivia shows up to school everyday ready to help the students she works with and others from the classroom. She is always problem solving and holds students to the classroom expectations even if they have a different teacher. - Anonymous

Mrs. Wood, Charlotte Middle School    

Teaching 8th grade Science like a rockstar!!! - Anonymous 

Ms. Kuhn, Charlotte Middle School  

She uses different techniques while teaching so that she can reach all the learning types. -Anonymous 

Wendy Murray, Charlotte Middle School    

Wendy is a very good role model, not just for the students but staff as well.-Anonymous

Kelsie Newman, Charlotte Middle School    

Kelsie has quickly become an effective Technology Teacher. Students love taking her classes.   -Anonymous 

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School   

Gabe knows how to maintain a disciplined environment in the setting she is in. She teaches them that they are allowed to make their own choices, but that there are consequences for the negative choices. -Anonymous 

Jane Haga, Parkview Elementary   

 Miss Darlene has an incredibly caring and kind heart and  I feel very lucky to work alongside her!  And the she takes amazing care of the students she encounters! - Mrs. Haga

Shelby Sutphen, Charlotte Upper Elementary  

Shelby is a kind caring teacher, her patients for her students is heartwarming, she is always looking for ways to help improve any issue, she genuinely cares for her students. She has been a inspiration to my grandson all year. -Carter Kinsey, student. Katie Valdez grandma    

Stephanie D’Huyvetter, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Stephanie does everything in her power to make school great for her students. She looks for new and engaging ways to implement instruction, and her students always appreciate her efforts. She’s an outstanding educator, and even though she’s very humble about her excellence, she deserves all the recognition in the world! CPS is beyond lucky to have her!   - KK

Mrs.Jane Haga, Parkview Elementary    

Mrs Haga is a gem. The care and attention she places on each kiddo is heartening. -The Wurfel family

Michelle Marchand, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Mrs. Marchand went above and beyond this year to meet our daughter's needs and giving her opportunities to extend her learning beyond what was expected at grade level. -Samantha and Adam Carroll 

Mrs. Leonard, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She is absolutely amazing with all of her kids! Her room has a calm feeling. She is generally just a kind person.  -Anonymous 

Jennifer Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary   

Mrs. Williams loves all the kids she works with, she treats them as if they are family and she has so much love that she gives to each and every kid. She’s always smiling no matter what she is going through and a pleasure to be around. -Anonymous

Lunch servers, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

The CUE has an amazing group of ladies that work in the lunchroom, they are friendly and they do an amazing job making sure lunch is prepped and ready to go! They go above and beyond making sure one student has a veggie burger available because she doesn’t eat meat. -Anonymous

Jennifer Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She's the most kind and caring woman I know!  -Anonymous 

Ms. Maddie, Galewood Elementary    

Ms. Maddie is such a caring person who always makes the kids feel loved and seen! She truly cares for them with all her heart! -Anonymous

Erin Beasley, Charlotte Upper Elementary  

She's amazing with our kiddo. Always willing to lend extra help if needed & loads of patience    -Anonymous 

Mrs. Alvarado, Parkview Elementary  

She has been such an amazing teacher for our daughter! She is amazing with the kiddos and always is willing to the extra mile for her friends. - Lindsey Luna

Lori Pratt & Cathy Cobb, Parkview Elementary

You ladies have been doing the work of three people all year, and my gosh the growth these students have made! Thank you for caring for every single student in this building and treating them like your own. Thank you for using your planning time to fit in as many students as possible. Our students love getting to come to you and learn each day. We would not be seeing the growth we are without you two!  -Sabrina Simpson

Courtney Quinn, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Mrs. Quinn has dedicated so much of her time to her students. She has made students feel loved and welcomed. - Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats, Charlotte High School    

Ms. Coats goes above and beyond every day. She makes students feel loved and cared for. Even if they aren't supported at home, they can count on Ms. Coats to care. She is the support for so many students. She truly is the most amazing person. - Anonymous 

Mrs. D'huyvetter, Charlotte Upper Elementary    

Mrs. D did AWESOME teaching us  this year!!!  -KATE HAAS!

Mrs. Donovan, Washington Elementary    

SHE IS THE BEST I LOVE HER ! when i have bad days I go see her and she makes it better.    -KATE HAAS!

Beckman, Washington Elementary    

She got me to read better and more.  - Charlotte smith

Mr G, Charlotte Middle School    

By being fun. -Robert Wolfe

Ms. Towe, Charlotte Middle School    

By being awesome. - Robert Wolfe

Nicki Bensinger, Charlotte High School 

Nicki is always a ray of sunshine.  She is such a help to students and staff.  - Carol Zwick

Becky Carter, Charlotte Middle School    

Becky is amazing!  I am so thankful to have her as a teaching partner.  Thank you for a great first year at CMS, Becky!  - Emily Welling

Mindy, Mindy the cafeteria lady  

She is nice to the kids. - Blake

Mrs. Dhuyvetter, Charlotte Upper Elementary  

Being an amazing teacher to me and alot of others. - Micah Duncan

Mrs D., Charlotte Upper Elementary    

She been put threw alot. - Carson Macarthur

Mrs. Donovan, Washington Elementary 

She always made us happy. - Anonymous 

Mrs. D, Charlotte Upper Elementary

I love her and she is AMAZING. - Anonymous 

Parapros, Galewood Elementary    

Very hard working dedicated staff to the building and kids at Galewood. -Anonymous

Office staff, Galewood Elementary    

Very friendly, helpful and go  above and beyond to support staff and help students .  - Anonymous

Deb Dyrness, Galewood Elementary

Deb is an AMAZING teacher, mentor, and friend. She consistently goes above and beyond for her class. She makes learning fun everyday! She was also one of the first people to help me feel welcome here at Galewood. I am so lucky that I get to teach alongside such an amazing individual. Thank you, Deb!-Melissa

Ms. Maddie, Galewood Elementary

Maddie has come in with a positive attitude, learning every day!  Just as a student at Galewood should, her roots start here!  She is a gem in the office and addresses, even the most challenging situations, with absolute confidence and grace needed at this age! - Anonymous 

Anna Schmidt, Galewood Elementary

Anna is a momma bird!  She cares for students and staff, as if they were own.  Even though she is at Galewood only half a day; she is part of the team and the family that exists there.  She also bridges the gap for our students who may need a familiar face as they transition to 1st grade! -Anonymous

Roman, Galewood Elementary

Roman is, as his GROW ceremony certificate said, “the goodest boy”. Roman joined our staff after spring break and has made some paw-sitive impact on our youngest learners in the district!  He is very large but very much loved!- Ms. Abby - Roman’s Handler,  Galewood

Lexie Budd, Galewood Elementary

Lexie has been extremely helpful with navigating taking on new responsibilities of dog handling this year.  She opened the library to Roman to interact with every class, and has been very good about keeping him accountable to his commands.  Lexie and Roman even started a ROMANS RATINGS display at school of how much he enjoys the weekly librarian reading! Lexie has been a much enjoyed addition to Team Galewood. -Roman - Dog

Bethany King, Galewood Elementary

Thanks for hosting my giant paws.  -ROMAN