The Chirp

Charlotte Public Schools is excited to continue “The Chirp” for 2022-2023.  The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.”

Cheer Chirp (Staff Recognition Form)

This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page regularly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what Orioles are chirping about below!

Elizabeth Knighten, Central Office

Elizabeth has been a great addition to our HR team! Her knowledge and efforts have already improved our response times and staff support! Welcome to the team! - Mandy Stewart

Amber Creech, Central Office

Amber has had to hit the ground running mid-year as our new Director of Special ed and Student supports! She cares for staff and students and is an advocate foe all! Great Job! - Mandy Stewart

Mrs. April, Weymouth Childcare

Mrs. April is a dedicated, kind, and genuine teacher for the preschool kiddos at Weymouth. She has dedicated so much time to the children past, present, and future. She is a truly amazing human being and I hope to be even half as amazing as her one day! - Anonymous

Chris Heisler, Charlotte Middle School

Chris is a consummate professional, who helps students focus themselves during their more formable years. He changes mindsets and lives daily! A treasure to the school, staff and community. - Anonymous

Mrs. Jenn Wood, Charlotte Middle School

You and Student Council arranged a wonderful dance before break. -Anonymous

Carol Zwick, Charlotte High School

Carol is an amazing team member. She is always so willing to help and do whatever needs to be done to make the office run smoothly. -Anonymous

Emily Nenortas, Central Office

Emily is always so helpful. She does an amazing job with looking at process to see what we can do to make didn't processes more effective. -Anonymous

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Sommer's connection with students is remarkable. She develops relationships with students that foster a healthy balance of trust, respect, and personal boundaries. She understands that students are people first, and pushes them to be the best student they can be once their needs are met. Working alongside Mrs. Sommer is fun and challenging each and every day! Thank you for your dedication, Gabe! - Becky Carter

Kim Byrens, Charlotte Middle School

Ms. Kim is a fantastic support for our students, and an enthusiastic contributor to our teachers. Countless days this year I have been so appreciative of her help! Thank you, Kim!! - Becky Carter

Lisa Bullen, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Bullen is a huge part of the behind the scenes success of students at CMS. She cares deeply about students and helping them be their best selves. Thank you, Lisa! - Becky Carter

Jennifer Wood, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Wood understands that the social aspect for middle schoolers is key. She develops lessons that include a predictable structure, interactive nature, and rigorous standards to allow our 7th and 8th grade students to prosper. Thank you, Jennifer! - Becky Carter

Nay Sebastian, Transportation Department

With the snow day calls, Nay's work is essential! Out there driving the roads and prioritizing our students' safety! - Mandy Stewart

Transportation Dept

Great job on the annual bus inspections everyone! YOU ROCK! - Mandy Stewart

CPS Strategic Planning Committee, District Wide

Our Strategic Planning Committee did amazing work to draft our improvement plan for the future. They stayed positive, honest, and forward focused to make CPS the best place to Grow, Learn and Play! - Mandy Stewart

Mr. Trumley, Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Trumley goes beyond teaching a curriculum to students. He do so within a welcoming and positive environment that has an impact on students and staff alike. - Anonymous

Erin Turner,Charlotte Middle School

Always extremely positive and helpful. - Anonymous

Mr. Heisler,Charlotte Middle School

Always encouraging to other adults that are struggling - Anonymous

Mr. Trumley,Charlotte Middle School

For your flexibility with students needs. - Anonymous

Mrs. Cates,Charlotte Middle School

The students love the hot chocolate you sell in the morning before school. - Anonymous

Ashley Williams,Charlotte High School

Both of us being 1st year teachers, Ashley has been great to chat with and get ideas and feedback from! - Olivia McCormick

Tasia Robins,Charlotte High School

Tasia is a great addition to the high school staff. She is always so friendly and willing to be a team player!!! - Nicki Bensinger

Galewood Staff,Galewood Elementary

The Galewood staff is absolutely amazing. They ALL go above and beyond to support the district‘s youngest learners. - Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats,Charlotte High School

Ashlyn navigates student needs in a very compassionate manner. She is an advocate for everyone involved in student success and an absolute leader in the district. - Anonymous

Laurel Carpenter, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Laurel has jumped right into her position in the CUE/CMS resource room. She is earning her degree while teaching, but you would have thought she had been doing this for years by how efficient and effective she is. She is great with the kids and is always going out of her way to make resources that they could benefit from. - Anonymous

Michelle Marchand, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Marchand is just an overall great teacher. There is lots to learn from her. - Anonymous

Mr. Guerra, Charlotte Upper Elementary & Middle School

Mr. Guerra goes above and beyond to make recess and lunch a safe place for all! - Anonymous

Emily Nenortas & Nick Boucher, Central Office

So much work they have done for the lengthy CRDC state reporting! This is a team effort, but the bulk of the work has been done by the two of them! THANK YOU - Mandy Stewart

April Delecki, Central Office

April is so wonderful with people, and she is a great support to everyone at CO! So glad to have her here, she always pitches in and helps everyone who has a need! - Mandy Stewart

Julie Gilbert, Galewood Early Elementary

The countless hours she volunteers to PTO and events for students outside of teaching! - Khailea Pond

Stephanie Sutphen, Charlotte Upper Elementary

You have been a wonderful teacher to my 4th grade student, your kindness and understanding is above and beyond. We are lucky to have you. - Katie and Dillon Valdez, Carter Kinsey

Custodial Staff, Washington Elementary

Thank you for everything you do making sure our school is clean. Environment is so important to those in it. - Aj and Natalie Cook (1st grade-Mrs. Donovan's Class)

Kim Byrens, Charlotte Middle School

Ms. Kim is an amazing paraeducator! Her kindness is our CMS students goes above and beyond. She holds the kids to be accountable for their actions, while patiently teaching them manners and life skills at the same time. Kim even brings in ingredients to cook with our students in the functional independence program! Kim is a true gem. Thank you, Kim! - Becky Carter

Lisa Bullen, Charlotte Middle School

Lisa's commitment to helping students at CMS is tremendous. She listens and cares for students so that they feel seen and heard. Lisa's always willing to help where she is needed without a moment of hesitation. Her willingness to be where ever she is needed is truly appreciated by all the teachers in the building! Thank you, Lisa! - Becky Carter

Nikki Babcock, Transportation

She gets her kids to school and to home. - Robert Wolfe

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

Helping people emotionally and trying in every way. - Anonymous

Ms. Newman, Charlotte Middle School

She is kind. - Robert Wolfe

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

She is a really nice teacher. - Anonymous

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

She is always there for me, through the wrongs and the rights. - Carter

James Jordan, Charlotte Middle School

He is the most hilarious teacher. - Logan Seeley

Ms. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

She is helping me get better. - Andi Rinehart

Ms. Sommer, Charlotte Middle School

She is kind. - Sam

Allie Jones, Charlotte Middle School

Being funny with dad jokes. - Andi Rinehart

Mrs. Williams (Jessica), Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs Williams has been so patient and understanding with my daughter. We could not have asked for a better teacher to welcome her to the CUE! - The Dipp Family

Kary Parr, Central Office

Kary is so kind and helpful in answering questions. - Anonymous

Miss Curtis,Mrs. Ransom & Mrs. Ferguson, Parkview Elementary

My heart swells with gratitude for these ladies. They are a true blessing to Parkview and Charlotte Public Schools. Thank you for all you do for the students and families. You are appreciated beyond words. - Bobbi Elliott

Mrs. K, Charlotte Upper Elementary

She is nice. - Sam

Kym Kletke, Galewood Elementary

She puts her heart into her kids. - Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School

Ryan is always looking for proactive ways to support the students, staff, and families at the Middle School. He genuinely cares about establishing a positive school culture and working together for consistency for everyone! - Anonymous

Tina Schultz, Charlotte Special Education

Tina is always busy supporting the people at school and in the community. She always answers the phone in a positive manner and helps share all her knowledge of the Charlotte community and schools with families. If feels like she knows every student and staff person in Charlotte Public. She is very calm and spreads her kindness throughout the district. - Anonymous

Lisa Olney, Charlotte Middle School

Lisa shows up everyday and keeps the middle school running smoothly. I appreciate her. - Chris Heisler

Danielle Patterson, Charlotte Middle School

Danielle always has a good attitude and makes work more enjoyable. When days are tough she always knows how to make someone smile. - Chris Heisler

Jamie Bray, Charlotte Middle School

Jamie shows up ready to work everyday. She helps me every time I ask without hesitation. I'm thankful for her. - Chris Heisler

Heidi Ransom, Parkview Elementary

Heidi works so hard to find coverage for our classrooms so the Encore Teachers don't get pulled. Many times, she's doing this on her own time. We are so lucky to have a secretary that goes above and beyond every day!! Thanks so much!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Cheri Friar, Washington Elementary

Cheri works so hard to find coverage for our classrooms so the Encore Teachers don't get pulled. Many times, she's doing this on her own time. We are so lucky to have a secretary that goes above and beyond every day!! Thanks so much!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Julie Ferguson, Parkview Elementary

Julie is always the first person to come over to the gym if a student is crying. It could be from a fall or a time out for bad sportsmanship. Julie always asks if there's anything she can do. I appreciate all that you do for me! Thanks so much!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Anna Schmidt, Washington Elementary

Anna is more than willing to take a student to the office if they're really struggling during PE. I appreciate that so much!! I also appreciate everything you do for the staff and students at Washington! Thanks so much for all you do for me!! - Rachele Beyerlein

Abbie Brown, Galewood Early Elementary

Abbie goes above and beyond to make all of her students a part of her classroom family. All of her students, no matter the needs, are given expectations that they most definitely rise to! Her students are incredibly inclusive and cheer each other on so well! Her students thrive with her firm, consistent, but kind teaching style. Thanks Abbie for all you do! - Laura Clements

Dillon Burns, Galewood Early Elementary

I want to acknowledge Mr. Burns. I am a part of Galewood's SST meetings and I truly enjoy being a part of a team that looks at each child's needs and current skills/abilities to problem solve how best to support them (and their teacher) in the classroom. While working with him for the past few years after Covid I have watched him grow, challenge himself, reflect with staff on how to change things in a positive way, and make sure that he provides a safe and warm place for our students to learn and be successful. I just want you to know that he makes working at Galewood a wonderful place. I love knowing that as a team we are making a huge difference with our youngest learners during their first experiences in school. - Laura Clements

Miss Jones, Charlotte Middle School

Miss Jones is funny. - Robert Wolfe

Ms. Crip, Charlotte Middle School

She helps me with my work and always gave me a chance. - Carter

Mrs. Kim, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Kim is helpful. - Sam

Mr. Jordan, Charlotte Middle School

He is fun and taught every day in class, and only ever missed 1 day. - Anonymous

Lillian Marshall, Galewood Early Elementary

I want to recognize Ms. Marshall for her excellence in communication. I have reached out with several things in a very wide range of topics and Ms. Marshall has been on top of everything helping to take the best care of my son Jay. - Heather Camp

Meagan Mosher, Food Service

Meagan ALWAYS has a smile on her face and goes above and beyond to help students! - Tasia Robins

Becky Carter, Charlotte Middle School

Becky is always thinking of her students and her families first and she is always on the look out for new ways to support them. She is a positive person who really makes students feel supported as well as challenged and she is constantly thinking of strategies and activities to increase engagement. Thank You! - Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Guimont is the kind of principal who is always around and very supportive. He can often be found in the hallways talking to students and providing those positive interactions. He also spends a lot of time supporting teachers and programs in the school. - Anonymous


Chris Ewald, Central Office

Chris has been great supporting purchase order needs with Tracy's absence. He is friendly, provides an open door, and the willingness to make sure that purchases go through in the most efficient way possible. It's very appreciated, especially at the beginning of the school year. Thanks, Chris!-Kristen Toadvine

Laura Southern, Parkview Elementary

She takes time with her students and makes sure they understand what they need to do-Anonymous

Sabrina Simpson, Parkview Elementary

Sabrina approaches everyday with a smile and reaches out to help our new staff.-Anonymous

Natalie Keyton, Parkview Elementary

Natalie is a leader at Parkview. She takes to time to help and always has a smile on her face.- Anonymous

Dana Becker, Parkview Elementary

Dana starts the day with a positive outlook and is always willing to help her coworkers.-Anonymous

Ms. Coats & Mrs. Fathman, Charlotte High School

The high school Student Support Specialist team is working so hard to help our students, be present in their school lives, and dedicating themselves to so many school programs and events, all of which means the world to our students. They help shape a meaningful and positive culture!- Mr. Keith

Rachel Fillip, Parkview Elementary

Rachel has done an amazing job teaching her students the expectations at Parkview and in her classroom!-Anonymous

Bryce Berry, Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mr. Berry has jumped right in as our new CUE music teacher and we cannot be more thrilled! The students are learning, engaging in lessons, and smiling! Not to mention - it is so nice to walk by his classroom and hear the piano being played. Nice job to Mr. Berry and welcome to CPS!-Anonymous

Cathy Cobb, Parkview Elementary

Always a bright start to my morning and willing to help where needed.      -Heidi

Ashley Williams, Charlotte High School

Ashley has jumped right into teach English here at CHS, and she is doing a fantastic job! She has an engaging classroom, and she is a fun colleague! We are so lucky to have Ashley with us! -Sarah Milarch

Jared Gates, Charlotte High School

Jared is so supportive of his colleagues, brings a lot of fun to the department, and students love his Spanish classes! CHS is lucky to have Jared! -Sarah Milarch

Erin Harbor, Andrew Keith, Josh Rademacher, and Kristen Toadvine, Charlotte High School

Coming in new to the HS Social Studies department this year, it's been wonderful to be so supported by such an excellent group of colleagues. Thank you! -Anonymous

Tech Dept,Technology

Our IT staff has worked tirelessly to get all of our interactive flat panels installed and training our staff! So grateful to them! -Dr. Stewart

Food Service Dept , Food Service

The breakfast catering and the work at the Back to School Bash was amazing! Great work feeding ALL of our kids!- Dr. Stewart

HR- Jenna and Rachel, Central Office

HR has been amazing, hiring so many needed positions! Over 20+ teaching positions were filled and present on the first day of school! Great work! -Dr. Stewart

Bryce Berry, Charlotte Upper Elementary

You do such a wonderful job making music fun for our CUE students! We are so happy you are here in Charlotte! -Anonymous

John (Donald duck bus driver), Transportation Department

John has made my sons first bus ride experience nothing short of amazing. We have had some hiccups and he has been so great as we navigate through this new adventure. -Makayla (Amos’s mom)

Tina, Transportation Department

Always friendly and kind. Excellent communicator. Her efforts are always appreciated! -William and Ruger Poole

Chad McClintock, Charlotte High School

Chad has done a great job this school year already adapting to new portions of his constantly changing positions at Charlotte High School. He always has a smile for staff and students and is helping create a positive culture in the school. Nice Work! -Anonymous

Scot Morrison, Charlotte High School

The work he does with Project Success students is what excellent teaching is about. -LuAnn Murray

Kristen Toadvine, Charlotte High School

Kristen always has time to meet with students and co-workers. She does an excellent job always brainstorming other ways to help/support others and is constantly thinking about what is the best for the school environment. -Anonymous

Tina Schultz, Charlotte High School

Tina is a key contact for many families in our district. Whether they have questions about Special Services, DEAN Transportation, resources available, etc. she always has the answer. She always answers the phone and greets people in an uplifting, positive way and if she doesn't know the answer, she gets it. She is AMAZING!!!! -Anonymous

Mr. John- Donald Duck bus, Transportation Department

Mr. John greets each child with a smile and individual greeting. I’ve called the bus garage numerous times on his behalf because he deals with so much poor behavior on his bus but he always remains patient and kind. I can’t imagine how stressful it can be- while driving! Mr. John is a fantastic bus driver. -Mikaela Bliven

Nick Pierce, Maintenance Department

Working overtime during summer to ensure the school is ready for return to classes in the fall, as well as attending to other non-maintenance related duties like football games that fall well outside his department. Keeping a calm attitude even when others around him are stressed, and picking up the workload when they are down an employee. -Anonymous

Mrs.Manson, Parkview Elementary

She has excellent communication and has already became my daughters favorite teacher!-Tazia and Kloie

John, Transportation Department

John drives the Donald Duck bus for my son and drops him off at First Lutheran. Twice my son has gotten on the wrong bus when transferring from Galewood to Parkview. John has always taken the time to stop and assist me in locating which bus he is on and where I should pick him up. He is extremely caring and understanding. I am very happy to have him as the bus driver for my son. He treats these kids like his own and I feel safe knowing my son is with him. Thank you John for all that you do!-Tom Keyes

Becky Carter,Charlotte Middle School

Becky has such a caring heart and is always dedicated to doing what is best for her students. Becky is not only academically supportive to her students but does everything to ensure they are emotionally supported as well.-Anonymous

Kim Telfor, Parkview Elementary

Kim is always willing to stop what she is doing and help fix a tech problem that is emergent. She is always light-hearted and joyful.-Heidi

Miss. Deb, Transportation Department

Miss. Deb is a Great bus driver. I have heard some kids say she's strict but to me that just means she's good at her Job. I have seen first hand that she is a wonderful driver. I'm so glad she is our bus driver. Hello Kitty bus.- April Myers

Abby Bucholtz, Charlotte Middle School

Abby is doing an excellent job creating relationships with students at CMS. Her positive attitude and desire to reach our students helps make CMS an even better place to work! -Becky Carter

Emily Welling, Charlotte Middle School

Two Claps and a Snap for Mrs. Welling! She is truly a teacher ROCK STAR! By making her class fun, while also holding her students to high standards, she has created an amazingly safe and comfortable space for learning ELA at CMS. -Becky Carter

Mrs. McRae,Charlotte Upper Elementary

My child has only been at the cue for a short time but Mrs. McRae has been absolutely amazing at helping the kids treat each other with respect and providing a productive learning environment for all the kids. So appreciative for the care and effort -Samantha Zimmerman

Becky Carter, Charlotte Middle School

Becky cares so much for the students and staff culture as well as constantly pushing students to want to do better. She is always ready to make a positive difference for people around her. -Anonymous

Ms. Garrison, Washington Elementary

She took time out of her day to actively listen to my concerns about my child. She was willing to work with me and the teacher to create the best environment for my child to succeed in school!- Anonymous

Ms. Beckman, Washington Elementary

Continuously keeps a line of communication open. It helps keep us all on the same page in school and at home so there is consistency.- Anonymous

Nicole Davis, Charlotte High School

Such a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!! Always motivating her coworkers!                -Whittney Urie

Ms. Taryn, Weymouth Childcare

Ms. Taryn has just opened a brand new infant room at Weymouth and she is doing a WONDERFUL job! Every time I go in there, the babies are alllll smiles! -Anonymous

Morgan Wilkins-Palmer & the whole Weymouth Staff, Weymouth Childcare

I’d like to give a shout out to Morgan Wilkins-Palmer and the staff at Weymouth Child Development Center. I served as a substitute at the center over the summer. Then joined the staff as a lead preschool teacher this fall. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and a part of the family. I’m so excited to be back as a member of the Oriole Nation again! Thanks again Morgan & Weymouth Staff. -Lynda Emery

Jane Haga, Parkview Elementary

Jane extends random kindness beyond her classroom and building.          -Emily N

Nick Boucher, Central Office

Mr. Boucher is a great asset to our District. He has the staff and student's best interest in mind, while adhering to state guidelines. He has an open door policy and treats everyone with kindness. -Emily N.

Jenna Hunt, Central Office

Jenna is a wonderful team member. Greets everyone with a smile and always willing to help. Best of all she has a contagious positive attitude.  -Emily N.

April Delecki,Central Office

April handles parent calls and visits with grace and kindness. Everyone who leaves her office, leaves with a smile or understanding.-Emily N.

Chris Ewald, Central Office

Chris is fun to work with. Always willing to assist staff and families with a positive attitude.-E. Nenortas

Jessica Phenix,Central Office

Jessica brings a lot of energy to Central Office. She is always helpful and friendly.-Emily N.

Rachel Bump,Central Office

Rachel works hard balancing her duties for all of CPS.-Emily N.

Ryan Guimont,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Guimont does an amazing job supporting the positives in the people around him. He does such a nice job welcoming students to the school, listening to the students when they share, and creating a positive school environment.-Anonymous

Stacie Barstow,Charlotte High School

Mrs. Barstow does a nice job greeting the students when they enter the school for the day and is always willing to jump in and help wherever she is needed.-Anonymous


The entire staff at Washington,Washington Elementary

Words cannot adequately express how much this entire amazing staff means to me. From the very beginning of my health struggles they have consistently made sure to remind me that I am valued by them. At this point I have not been able to drive a bus for Washington in over a year, and they are STILL showing me more love and support than I ever expected. This team is truly amazing and they show every day how much they care for our kids, and each person in the community. They are phenomenal and they mean more to me than I can ever show them!-Ms. Kendra

Ms. Curtis,Parkview Elementary

Ms. Curtis is doing such a great job! I'm sure it was difficult to come in mid year last year, but she stepped up to the challenge. She has quickly won over our hearts and become a part of the Parkview family. You are rocking the Principal thing Ms. Curtis!!!-Parkview Staff

Heather Worden,Charlotte Upper Elementary

Thank you for all your assistance in helping me get set up in the library at Galewood and Washington.-Lexie Budd

Beth Monroe,Parkview Elementary

Thank you for all your assistance with helping me set up the libraries at Galewood and Washington..-Lexie Budd

Melissa Shanker,Charlotte High School

As my next door classroom neighbor I am often privileged to hear what is happening in her classes. I'm most excited when my "eavesdropping" reveals all of the way she creates authentic experiences for her students. Most recently, she has her English students hosting a extracurricular activity fair. It's so exciting to see students put their English skills to real life use! Kudos to you, Melissa.-Kristen Toadvine

Kelsey Newman, Erin Beasley, Danielle Davidson, Jessica Hadley, Abby Kuhn, and Jennifer Wood, Multiple Buildings

Thank you for mentoring a Future Educator! These teachers are supporting a high school Future Educator in their classroom at least 3 days a week. Students return from their time with you excited about career options in education. I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with our students. Thank you all!-Kristen Toadvine

Mrs. Shanker,Charlotte High School

Mrs. Shanker is constantly going above and beyond to make a deeper connection with her students. She makes us feel so comfortable and present in everything that we are learning. She takes the time to really get to know each of her students and connect with them. She has made an incredible impact in my education and my life. I think she is really contributing to making high school students more properly educated and kind hearted members of our community.-Ally Pratt

Danielle Davidson,Charlotte Bands

She teaches people how to play-Anonymous

Keli Hammond,Charlotte Upper Elementary

She taught me GCF last year-Anonymous

Mitch McClintock,Charlotte High School

Mitch has done a tremendous job in his Math role at the high school. Students are always talking about how awesome he is as a teacher and someone who makes math fun. He always has a smile for the students.-Anonymous

Nicole Bensinger,Charlotte High School

She greets everyone with a smile! She is so welcoming, she goes above and beyond for her coworks and the students at the high school. She is so dedicated and always has a smile on her face, even on the busiest of days!- Payton Fathman

Lori Pratt,Parkview Elementary

Lori is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is always thinking of others and gives her students her all! She goes out of her way to make sure people feel seen and heard. We are so fortunate to have her in our building and see her smiling face each day!-Sabrina Simpson

The entire High School food service staff,Food Service

Thank you so very much for all of your extra efforts while our lead cook is on a medical leave. Your commitment to our students while maintaining a overwhelming positive attitude has been amazing to witness. Thanks for all you do!- Brent Bishop

The entire MS/CUE food service staff,Charlotte Middle School

Thanks for taking on extra duties to feed our students while you were down a person for an extended period. Your commitment to making nutritious meals each and every day during this transition is so appreciated! THANK YOU!- Brent Bishop

Deb Langmaack, Food Service

Thank you for filling in for our kitchen lead at Galewood, your extra efforts are noted and appreciated. Thank you Deb!-Brent Bishop

CMS Staff,Charlotte Middle School

Thank you for my Get Well card!!!- Lisa Bullen

Jill Cates Enrichment class,Charlotte Middle School

Thank you for making Get Well cards for me!!!-Lisa Bullen

Mr. Trumley,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Trumley brings a calm and positive aura to the building!-Anonymous

Weymouth CDC,Weymouth Childcare

Weymouth has opened two classrooms that have been empty for years and they are both almost fully enrolled! This has been in the works forever and the director finally made it happen! ☺️-anonymous

Kary Parr,Central Office

Kary is always willing to answer questions whenever she is asked. She goes above and beyond. Kary is a great employee!-Anonymous

Michelle Sine,Central Office

Michelle is a GREAT FINANCIAL LEADER!-Anonymous

April Delecki,Central Office

April is knowledgeable and professional. Keep up the great work!-Anonymous

Abby wiles,Charlotte High School

She is always nice and works very hard to teach us in a way that we understand-Anonymous

Jill Cates, Charlotte Middle School

Thank you to Jill Cates for decorating the staff meeting room for the seasons.-Anonymous

Jill Cates, Charlotte Middle School

Volunteering to be the first staff member to bring in Monday Morning Breakfast for the Middle School.-Anonymous

Mark Trumley,Charlotte Middle School

Thank you for helping students take an interest in learning OUTSIDE the classroom with the Egypt Project.-Anonymous

Nick Boucher,Central Office

Thank you for leading our buildings through instituting Equity-Based MTSS to create opportunities for all students to experience success at Charlotte Public Schools.-Anonymous

Ryan Guimont,Charlotte Middle School

Ryan works hard to always look at the positive in every situation, big or small, which makes him an amazing administrator each day.-Anonymous

Jill Cates' Enrichment Class,Charlotte Middle School

Thank you for the Get Well cards you made for me!-Mrs. Bullen

Middle School Staff,Charlotte Middle School

Thank you for my Get Well card!-Lisa Bullen

Mr. Trumley,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Trumley brings a great attitude towards teaching to our building!-Anonymous

Mrs. Manson,Parkview Elementary

I LOVE how she really cares about each student’s learning capabilities. She about helping each child grow in the ways the student needs it compared to what “has” to be done. She genuinely cares about the academic progress.-Anna Novetske

Becca Manson,Parkview Elementary

This teacher is remarkable helping the children prepare for next year,very friendly very active in her profession-Anonymous

Kary Parr,Central Office

Kary's dedication is truly admirable. I had a few meetings with her where I needed help fixing some HR issues and every time she addressed me and my situation promptly with grace and a welcoming smile. Sometimes we forget the important people who work behind the scenes. And so, I want to recognize that her efforts do not go unnoticed. I appreciate all she does for the staff. CPS is very lucky to have her on their team. Go Orioles!-Jen Norton

Heidi Ransom,Parkview Elementary

Heidi is an encourager! She is great at using humor to uplift others.-Anonymous









Julie Gilbert,Galewood Elementary

She makes Galewood a better place for all students. Her efforts to organize special events and support the school are amazing and need to be noted!-Anonymous

Alicia Curtis,Parkview Elementary

Thank you for going above and beyond supporting our students.-Anonymous

Karen Miller,Charlotte Upper Elementary

Karen is not only a great staff member, but also the PTO president at Parkview. We appreciate her enormous efforts (along with the rest of the PTO) to help support Parkview Elementary!-Alicia Curtis

Kevin Bunker,Parkview Elementary

Kevin goes above and beyond for our building daily. There is not a request that he won't deliver on. We appreciate all of his efforts to keep our building beautiful!-Anonymous

Johnathan Royce,Charlotte High School

John works hard to create a rapport with students and staff to make our building a welcoming and accepting place. His willingness to go outside of the box to benefit students is needed in our district. He makes myself and others want more for this place, and inspires us to make it happen.-Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats,Charlotte High School

Ashlyn is a wonderful support for both students and staff at CHS. Though she tends to deal with heavy stuff, she still manages to be a "light" for those in need day after day.-Michelle Swarbrick

Joseph Wimmer,Charlotte High School

Mr Wimmer exudes positivity, grace, and understanding even with the most challenging of students and situations.-Michelle Swarbrick

Ela -Custodian,Galewood Elementary

The school would be falling apart without her. She goes above and beyond what is expected and is a “mother” to all in the building.-Anonymous

Andrew Keith,Charlotte High School

Andrew continuously strives to try new strategies to keep things interesting, fun, positive, productive, and helpful with both students and staff.-Michelle Swarbrick

Erin Beasley,Charlotte Upper Elementary

Mrs. Beasley makes school fun for our son! He loves her class, is learning a lot and we are so blessed to have her as our sons teacher!! She is THE BEST!!-Andrea and Cody Hillard

Ela,Custodial Galewood

Ela is absolutely the greatest custodian and we are sooooo blessed to have her at Galewood!! She goes above and beyond to make our building beautiful. She decorates, she participates in team activities, and makes the school feel home-like. We love and appreciate you Ela!-Galewood Staff

Ms. Manson,Parkview Elementary

Ms. Manson has really helped our son be his best self. We appreciate that she takes time to get to know him and help him to grow and be successful. You are a wonderful teacher!!-Cody and Andrea Hillard

Jessica Droscha,Parkview Elementary

Other than her beautiful artistic skills, her positive attitude and giving nature as a part of the Sunshine Committee is noticed, appreciated and goes above and beyond for the whole Parkview community!-Anonymous

Mrs. Marchand,Charlotte Upper Elementary

I'm now in 7th grade, but I'm really glad that Mrs. Marchand was my 5th grade teacher, she really helped me through my troubles in math.-Marley Johns, CMS student

Michelle Swarbrick,Charlotte High School

Michelle is a great co-worker that is always willing to talk out solutions to help staff and kids. She remains calm under stressful situations and is an asset to the counseling staff!-Anonymous

Ms. Curtis and The PTO,Parkview Elementary

Ms. Curtis and The PTO put on a spectacular Holiday Happenings Event. Lots of fun for the kids and family. And well organized.-Bobbi Elliott

Ms. Newman,Charlotte Middle School

Ms. Newman is such a fantastic teacher and is kind to every student, she comes in to class everyday with a smile and makes her classes so fun :)-Anonymous

Ms. Newman,Charlotte Middle School

She makes her class fun and is nice to her students :)-Emily Lawson

Wendy Murray,Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Murray has been there for me since I moved here last year. She's always been there for me through the thick and the thin. She's like another mom to me at this point.She always calls me her little princess and always makes me feel safe, I love mrs. Murray-Audrie Pease

Emily Nenortas,Central Office

Mrs. Nenortas is always helpful and assists with special projects. She is a great asset for this organization.-Anonymous

Sharee Burdick,Charlotte High School

Sharee is a great administrator for this district. She goes above and beyond.-Anonymous

Tracy Evans,Charlotte High School

Tracy is a professional, courteous and helpful. She is always willing to assist with any questions.-Anonymous

Chris Heisler,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Heisler is a wonderful person to have in CMS. Not only does he work with students on building personal skills, he is always a nice staff member to see around and talk to. Thank you for everything you do, Chris!-Anonymous

Wendy Murray,Charlotte Middle School

Ms. Murray is so creative both in her projects around the school, and the way she approaches students and their well-being. Besides just working with students, Wendy is such a nice person to talk with and a joy to have in CMS!-Anonymous

Lori Pratt,Parkview Elementary

I appreciate Lori Pratt! Wherever she sees a need, she fills a need.-Anonymous

Sarah Davis,Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Davis always goes above and beyond for her students!-Anonymous

Mrs. Wood,Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Wood is always there for people. Being new to the district, she has made me feel right at home!-Anonymous

Lisa Olney,Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Olney is the heartbeat of the middle school. We are lucky to have you here!-Anonymous

Kelsie Newman,Charlotte Middle School

Kelsie came in and covered my class without any hesitation. It's little things like that that go a long way :)-Anonymous

Jill Cates,Charlotte High School

Thank you for making new staff feel welcome!-Anonymous

Chris Heisler,Charlotte Middle School

Chris does an AMAZING job of balancing kindness and a firm hand. You are exactly what our students need. Thank you for always being there, each and every day.-Anonymous

Allie Jones,Charlotte Middle School

Allie does an amazing job of relating to students. Each time I hear Allie interacting with a student, it's easy to tell how much they respond to you.-Anonymous

Mike Baker,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Baker is the man! Volunteering to DJ our students is definitely above and beyond. Thank you!-Mr. Baker

Lisa Pohl,Charlotte Middle School

Lisa does amazing things with her students. I appreciate how dedicated you are to your craft :)-Anonymous

Mr. Jordan,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Jordan goes out of his way to mentor our kiddos. I walked by one time and it was a thing of beauty to see how well the student was responding to his mentoring.-Anonymous

Gabe Sommer,Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Sommer is THE example of being there for students. We see you!-Anonymous

Abby Kuhn and Katherine Crips,Charlotte Middle School

Abby and Kati have been amazing teammates in the social studies department. Thank you for welcoming me!-Mr. Trumley

Ryan Guimont,Charlotte Middle School

Ryan leads by positive example. With this being my first year here, I could tell right away what an awesome culture it is here at the MS. Thank you for leading from the front.-Anonymous

Jennifer Wood,Charlotte Middle School

Jennifer allows the Student Council to have a voice. She does a great job leading them, while still letting them take ownership. Great job, Jenn!-Anonymous

Mark Trumley,Charlotte Middle School

Mr. Trumley 's addition to the 7th grade hallway is impressive. The kids enjoy his class, he holds them accountable for their behaviors, and scaffolds learning to help ALL kids succeed.-Anonymous

Lisa Pohl,Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Pohl is an educational superstar! She supports ALL kids learning in her classroom by differentiating instruction and building strong relationship with kids. Thank you, Mrs. Pohl!-Becky Carter