The Chirp

Charlotte Public Schools is excited to continue “The Chirp” for 2022-2023.  The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.”

Cheer Chirp (Staff Recognition Form)

This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page regularly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what Orioles are chirping about below!

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary

Emily has been amazing during the transition of principals at Parkview Elementary. Her support of students and staff are unmatched. Our district is fortunate to have Emily on our team! - Anonymous

Morgan Wilkins-Palmer, Weymouth

Morgan has been amazing in her new role as supervisor of Weymouth. She always greets people with a smiling face and kind words. She also develops relationships with staff that are genuine. Her leadership continues to positively effect Weymouth staff and students. - Anonymous

Lisa Frey, Washington Elementary

Lisa has done an amazing job with the Salmon in the Classroom project! She has went the extra mile to make learning fun while modeling responsibility in education. We can't wait to see the release of the salmon! - Anonymous

Jeff Bennett, Technology 

Always looking to find the best IT purchases and processes for our district! It makes me feel like we have set future plans for long term IT goals! - Anonymous

Julie Davis, Aquatic Center 

Julie works hard not just to run great events, but to hire and develop talent within our student body! Wonderful helpers! - Anonymous

Ms.Toadvine, Charlotte High School

The Future Educators program is due to all of her hard work and they are learning so much! AWESOME JOB! - Anonymous

Mr. Rademacher, Mr. Keith, Mr. Crossman, Charlotte High School

Wonderful job supporting students and the department, after the unfortunate and sad passing of Mr. Pritt. They did extra work to ensure that students felt heard and cared for during this time. - Anonymous

Deb Dyrness, Galewood Elementary 

Deb works so hard to ensure that ALL the students in her class are making progress and loving school! She has a calm, quiet, and caring manner that children and parents appreciate! Thanks Deb! - Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats, Charlotte High School

Ashlyn is always out and about. She knows the students and staff. She handles hard situations with care, humor and grace.  - Anonymous

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School

Gabe has jumped into the special ed pool with both feet! Her care and knowledge for her students is evident in everything from the IEPs she writes to the students who come to her when they need a calm quiet place to collect themselves. Gabe is Great! - Anonymous

Tina Schultz, Charlotte High School

Tina is wonderful! Always willing to help anyone! She has a great way of being flexible and so knowledgeable! Special Ed is so appreciative that she is here! - Anonymous

Amy Byam, Galewood Elementary

Amy is an enthusiastic educator. When students leave her class they are ready for first grade. They have developed a love of learning. She is a great team mate who is always willing to collaborate with others. - Anonymous

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary

Emily is doing a great job working with all the Parkview students. She easily develops relationships with students and has done an excellent job creating an environment of trust and caring. - Anonymous

Nicolette Poprawa, Charlotte High School 

Nicolotte is new to us this year. She jumped in with both feet. She knows her students and is always working hard to help them succeed. - Anonymous

Rachel Bump, Central Office

Rachel is a true gem! Although she is super busy, she always is willing to listen, and makes you seem like you are the only thing on her to do list for the day. She really takes her time and wants people to feel heard and supported. Thanks! - Anonymous

Mike, Maintenance

Mike is always kind and helpful! - Jane Haga

Tami Nixon, Charlotte High School

Tami works tirelessly to bring positivity to staff and students! She finds the silver lining in all situations, and before negativity even has a chance to brew, Tami has found a positive alternative solution! - Anonymous

Emily Nenortas, Central Office 

New families are being welcomed with a big smile by someone who truly loves kids and her job. Amazing team player behind the scenes taking care of all the staff Skyward needs on the student side of things. - Anonymous 

Dr. Mandy Stewart, Central Office 

Always smiling and excellent communication skills! A true example of a good leader.  - Anonymous 

Taylor Nicely, Charlotte High School 

Taylor is always available to help both staff and students. She is very supportive to students in both the middle and high schools. - Anonymous

Nicolette Poprawa, Charlotte High School 

Nicolette is a cheerleader for every student and staff member! She checks in on people who are struggling, helps with anything and everything, and just brings sunshine everywhere she goes! - Anonymous 

Charles Ross, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

No matter the task he is asked to complete, he always completes it with a positive attitude. He is prompt and efficient. We would be lost without him! - Anonymous 

Natalie Donovan, Washington Elementary 

Natalie is always willing to go above and beyond to support her coworkers. She shows a kindness and care for them that is unmatched. She makes Washington a much brighter place. - Anonymous 

Cathy Cobb, Parkview Elementary 

Always willing to help in a pinch and incredibly supportive of staff and students. - Anonymous

Maci McClain, Other 

Maci is the pre-k assistant in pre-k at Weymouth Child Development Center. She goes above and beyond to make sure each child feels safe and welcome in the classroom. Maci interacts with each child while helping each child learn and grow in our classroom. Maci is an excellent leader, reliable, caring, and goes above and beyond. - Kayleigh Erk 

Michelle Sine, Central Office 

Excellent organizational skills, keeps our team running smooth while deadlines are always met with quality! - Anonymous

Morgan Wilkins-Palmer, Other 

Morgan Wilkins-Palmer recently took on the director position for Weymouth child development center all while being a full time mother and student. Morgan is the definition of what a solid leader looks like. She shows up every day with a smile on her face and ready to work. She is committed to making sure Weymouth Child Development center is truly a place for children to learn and grow in a safe environment. Morgan is appreciated by many, and her dedicated hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Keep up the work, Morgan!  - Kayleigh Erk 

Deja Davis, Central Office 

Excellent team player. Always willing to help others and learn new things. Wears a smile even under pressure.  - Anonymous 

Deborah Dyrness, Galewood Elementary

Very caring and kind person! - Anonymous 

Vicki Lumbert, Parkview Elementary 

Vicki always has students in her classroom. They are engaged and excited about learning. When she gets a new student on her caseload, she works hard to make sure that the staff working with that student knows what the student needs to be successful.  - Anonymous 

Tracy Evans, Charlotte HIgh School 

Tracy always has a smile and a, "how are you?" She means it! She is always busy. I know she gets all her steps in everyday! - Anonymous

Rebeckah Snow, Galewood Elementary 

Rebeckah is new to Charlotte this year. She has a great gentle way about her that brings out the best in the ECSE students under her care. - Anonymous

Abby Pardick, Galewood Elementary 

Abby is an amazing human being. She has so much love, care, and patience that she shares with every single student and staff member. Galewood is so lucky to have her! - Anonymous.

Erick Carnell, Transportation

He's an amazing bus driver. He helps make our child safe on the bus. Mr Erick is very liked and live by the kids! - Anonymous

John, Bus Driver 

He talked me through a small issue a few weeks ago and his love for his job and the care for the kids was evident. It calmed me right down. - Echo Braden, Xander & Kaysyn ( Braden's Mom)

Julie Gilbert, Galewood Elementary

She does such fun activities in my daughter's classroom. She puts a lot of her time and energy into making sure the kids have the best learning experience, and also have some fun. - Echo Braden 

Ms. Curtis, Parkview Elementary 

Even new to the team, she has already made an impression on my son. He said she is very nice, which is a high compliment coming from him. - Echo Braden 

Erin Beasley, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She has always been understanding and flexible with my child's needs in the classroom. Her communication back and forth when information is needed is beyond amazing and helpful as a parent! My child loves his teacher and feels encouraged each day! - Ashley Schroll

Amber Moore, Galewood Elementary 

Goes above and beyond communicating with parents. My special needs child loves her. This world needs more people like amber!  - Anonymous

Ms. Beckman, Washington Elementary 

She is simply amazing one of a kind teacher! The time and effort she puts into teaching and how much my son is excelled in her class in wonderful.  - Tia & Jaxson Johnson 

Julie Gilbert, Galewood Elementary 

Bringing the best out in her students. My kiddo comes home almost everyday to tell me something that happens.  - Anonymous

Ms. Rau, Parkview Elementary 

She is a major part of helping these small kids understand how to deal with their emotions so that they can continue to grow and succeed in this new territory. No kid left behind. She sees a need and she helps.  - Anonymous

Lisa Stark, Transportation 

She did amazing when my daughter was having a asthma attack! - Adriana Piper

Ms. Rau, Parkview Elementary 

Ms. Rau has been such a great support throughout the years. She is compassionate and cares. She does an amazing job and we are grateful for her. Hillary wanted Ms. Rau to know she is nice and pretty :)  - Samantha 

Mrs. Curtis, Parkview Elementary 

Principal Curtis has been so caring and helpful in the short amount of time that we have already spent with her since starting at Parkview. Really appreciate her and all she Is doing :) - Samantha

Miss. Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She is a wonderful caring teacher. Goes above and beyond. I feel she's the best teacher that my son has had in Charlotte public school system so far. She is very understanding and caring. She has so many great qualities as a fourth grade teacher and would like to show my appreciation for everything that she has done so far this year!  - Katherine Medbury(Braylon Whitebeck's Mother ) 

Ms. Rau, Parkview Elementary 

Mrs Rau has been Nothing but amazing! We appreciate how kind and supportive she is with our son it feels good to have someone we can trust guide him to be the best version of himself. - Morris Family 

Makenzi Gillespie, Charlotte High School

Will go above & beyond her means to make sure the school looks phenomenal! Good job ! - Anonymous

Mrs. Keyton, Parkview Elementary 

Mrs.Keyton always seems to be on top of things. She is a great teacher and does a great job helping the kids meet their goals. Appreciate all she does. :)  - Samantha

Mike, Maintenance Department 

Fantastic service!! - Jane Haga

Tawnya Mather , Charlotte High School 

She is always going above and Beyond for the students and truly cares about them and making them better people  - Anonymous

Laura Granger, Parkview Elementary 

She takes time to do her best for each one of her students. She has gone above and beyond to provide supplies and support for kids. She truly loves them and believes in them. She cares for them as if they are her own. She is very self sacrificing. She also pushes her kids to get to the next level.  - Anna Novetske

Mr. Zach Everly, Charlotte High School

Mr. Everly’s enthusiasm is contagious and he makes the kids proud to be a part of his choir program. He goes above and beyond for his students. As a parent, I appreciate all of the memories he continues to help make happen for my son and his friends.  - Sunny Boyer 

Mr. Jeff Szekely, Charlotte High School 

Mr. Szekely is passionate about the band program and goes above and beyond to help kids within the program. He puts a lot of thought and heart into the concerts that the kids perform at and it is recognized. I want to thank him for helping to create so many memories for my son and his friends.  - Sunny Boyer

Mrs. Beasley, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Mrs. Beasley has made the transition to the CUE a very positive one. Her ability to keep the children engaged, structured, and respectful has truly made a huge impact on our son’s education. Before, he really did not like school, struggled to stay engaged, and didn’t really apply himself. This year, he is ready and happy to go every day. We knew he could do it, he just needed a better system. Mrs. Beasley creates a space where students can tap into their true potential. We are so grateful for teachers like Mrs. Beasley! - The Bensinger Family 

Mrs. Hollie Auten, Charlotte High School

Mrs. Hollie opened a whole new world for my son three years ago by opening her junior theater program to students outside of the district. This positive experience led him down the path he’s on today and brought him to the district as a full time student. It’s been one of the best decisions we made as a family. Our son continues to love being a part of Mrs. Hollie’s musicals because he enjoys her as a director. Thank you Mrs. Hollie for opening your arms and welcoming our son into your program. It has changed his life in such an amazing way.  - Sunny Boyer

Julie Gilbert, Galewood Elementary 

Mrs. Gilbert was our child's teacher last year. This year she still plays an active roll in making sure my child feels loved at school. - Casey Horton

Mr. Everly, Charlotte High School 

Mr. Everly is a wonderful addition as the new Choir Director at CHS since last year. The way he communicates with the students and parents is second to none!! His enthusiasm is contagious and he has the attention and respect of the choir students and parents. I'm blessed to know that my child while in his class is thriving and striving to be the best my child can be. I couldn't ask for a better Choir Director at CHS! My interactions with Mr. Everly as a parent have always been positive. I can truly see how much he loves being a Choir Director and his true passion for every student in his classes to excel and be the absolute best they can be. Cheers to Mr. Everly!! Thank you for being here at CHS. - Anonymous

Tracy Carlson, Washington Elementary 

Mrs. Carlson has made the Books and Blocks after school club so enjoyable and engaging for the kids. This was my child’s first time joining an after school activity, and she helped him feel welcome and encouraged him to meet new friends. My son loves to go and is always excited about what they’ll do next. - Anonymous

Mrs. Lumber, Parkview Elementary 

Mrs. Lumber works with our child daily to improve not only their academic skills, but also their self confidence. Our child is more empathic, creative, and has a deeper love of education because of the love Mrs. Lumber shows them in the classroom. We are truly grateful for everything she does for our child. Thank you! ❤️  - Anonymous

Stephanie Leavitt, Charlotte High School 

Stephanie is working around the clock to help our students. She is so quick to respond to emails, even at night and on the weekends. Her plate is full, but she manages to meet everyone's needs!  - Anonymous

Jared Gates, Charlotte High School 

Jared is new to Charlotte and to the teaching professions, but he has fun with his Spanish classes, engages them in new content, and is a supportive colleague! He's balancing it all like a veteran teacher! - Anonymous

Kandi Roberts, Charlotte High School 

Kandi stepped right into teaching English with very little time to prepare! The students love her, and she is guiding them in positive daily activities and helping them to focus on English skills while still having fun learning! - Anonymous

Susan Cosby, Charlotte High School 

Susan is the most steady, most positive person at CHS! She is helpful on a moment's notice, and she is always quick to problem solve every situation. Susan is patient, kind, and encouraging! Her open door brings a smile to everyone! - Anonymous

Tracy Evans, Charlotte High School 

Tracy manages staff chaos with grace! She takes the insanity of room scheduling, substitute teachers, copy machines, ceremonies, and more and makes everything flow seamlessly, all while even taking time to check in on our wellbeing!  - Anonymous

Heidi Rysko, Charlotte High School

Heidi is the first face most people see when they enter the building/office, and balances her roles as greeter, triage nurse, problem-solver, pass-provider, and more with confidence and kindness.  - Anonymous

Scot Morrison, Charlotte High School

Scot checks in on his people, often bringing resources, and always bringing humor! When I look up and see Scot at my door, I know he will bring some form of sunshine to my room! He is also the voice of reason, and he can sort through the chaos to get to a resolution to any problem. - Anonymous 

Erin Turner, Charlotte Middle School 

Mrs. Turner is so nice and cares so deeply about providing students with a firm understanding of Spanish as a second language. She has engaging activities and listens to her students. She's a top-notch teacher! - Anonymous

Nick Thompson, Charlotte High School 

Nick does an incredible jo of offering students hands on practical work experience through Ag Mechanics and Woods. Students love his classes and feel welcomed even if they don't have a background in the subject area.  - Anonymous

Kelsie Newman, Charlotte Middle School

It is so exciting that Kelsie has now become an official employee of CPS! She was a phenomenal well respected district sub for 4 years and has transitioned to full time MS tech teacher. She has built strong relationships with her students and truly goes above and beyond to make them feel welcome and loved. Great job Ms. Newman! - Anonymous

Mr. Dave, Mr.G and Mr. Guerra, Washington Elementary 

I’ve heard him called “Mr. Dave, Mr. G, and Mr. Guerra! Mr. Dave goes above and beyond to make the kids feel safe at lunch and recess. My child loves that Mr. Dave plays sports with classes at recess! Mr. Dave makes the kids laugh and enjoy their lunch breaks from academics. Although they aren’t learning in the classroom during recess, Mr. Dave goes above and beyond to teach the kids how to be kind to one another. Way to go, Mr. Dave/Mr. G/ Mr. Guerra!  - Anonymous 

Tawnya Mather, Charlotte High School 

Tawnya always greets me with a smile and hello. Her interactions with students is amazing to watch. The positive connection she builds with students is clear. Great work! - Anonymous 

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary 

Emily is always so thoughtful in her interactions with students. The connection she makes is evident when walking through the halls. She can hold students accountable while still maintaining a positive and caring relationship built on trust. - Anonymous 

Cari Muszynski, Parkview Elementary 

She is always open to communication, and always willing to try new approaches to educate individual children. Many of the kids love her! Caring and attentive, she makes each child feel seen and important.  - Merrick Family 

Mrs. Wood, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Wood has cultivated a relationship of trust and respect with my child. She has made her class a safe place and helped my kiddo learn to advocate for herself. - Anonymous 

Jill Cates, Charlotte Middle School

Jill always is available to help mentor other teachers with whatever they need and makes sure that all questions are answered and all problems have solutions. She is always "on the ball" (or ahead of it!). - Danielle Heugel

Nicki Bensinger, Central Office

Positive and smiling, has great relationships with staff and the public. Excellent at being the face of Charlotte Public Schools. - Anonymous

Sharee Burdick, Charlotte High School 

Great student and family relationships! Wonderful leadership communication skills. - Anonymous

Josette Sandvik, Charlotte Upper Elementary

A lot of people go the extra mile. Mrs. Sandvik has done it selflessly, without hope for reward, and without a hidden agenda. When she is asked to take on yet another task without any form of compensation or promotion, she is eager to do so, eager to touch more kids’ lives. She truly believes in even the most difficult students. She will be asked to work with our most challenging students, and when he runs down the hall in a tantrum, she is right there behind him, smiling. - Anonymous 

Brianna Garrison, Washington Elementary 

Brianna does a great job with our Orioles at Washington. She is so busy! The students all love her and are so glad she is back! - Anonymous 

Mrs. Carter, Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Carter checks in with friendly e mails and always supports our son when he need it. - Katie Penner

Mrs. Jewell, Washington Elementary 

She demonstrates excellent communication and has made our transition to Charlotte Public Schools so smooth! - Katie Penner

Lori Pratt, Parkview Elementary 

Lori goes out of her way to support as many students (and teachers) as possible! She's also a rock star at printing Lexia certificates with fun-themed bookmark prizes! We are so lucky to have her at Parkview! Thanks Lori!!! - Anonymous

Natasha Jewell, Washington Elementary 

Mrs. Jewell has been a bright spot in my child’s life this year. She is consistent, passionate, and truly caring. My child loves going to school each day and loves to talk about how the day went. My child loves morning meetings and thrives off of the daily schedule she has set. Mrs. Jewell has challenged my child to do the best they can and offers fun rewards for positive behavior and academic responsibility. She has been the perfect 2nd grade teacher for my child. - Anonymous

Mrs. Aspinall, Upper Elementary 

Mrs. Aspinall is everything I didn’t know my child needed in a teacher! She is relatable to my child and I am always hearing fun stories about her classroom. My child has repeated on many occasions that Mrs. Aspinall has been a favorite teacher. Very grateful that my child has Mrs. Aspinall! - Anonymous

Mrs. Bunker, Upper Elementary 

My child always speaks so highly of Mrs.Bunker. My child is always talking about how kind she is and works through problems if help is needed. Along with Mrs.Aspinall, my child has deemed Mrs. Bunker a favorite teacher! Mrs. Bunker has been an amazing teacher for my child this year! - Anonymous 

Kary Parr, Central Office 

Thank you for being professional and thoughtful at the same time Kary! You are such a wonderful employee here at CPS. - Anonymous 

Ms. Butikofer, Parkview Elementary 

Ms. Butikofer builds a classroom community where learning is engaging, goals are celebrated and kindness is modeled. Everyday our child is excited about school and she is the reason why! - Jennifer Xanthopoulos

Waunetta Miller, Transportation  

She goes to work everyday with a smile on her face, does everything she possibly can to keep all her kids safe on her route. - Anonymous

Weymouth Staff, Weymouth Childcare

The staff has gone above & beyond with building relationships with the kids & their families and also making sure the families from other Daycares are at ease with the transition of switching childcare while keeping up with the curriculum. - Anonymous

Ms.Gilbert, Galewood Elementary 

Amazing with all her kiddos an puts a smile on everyone’s face when u walk in the door. - Anonymous 

Chris Ewald, Central Office 

Great addition to CPS with your contagious charisma and strong work ethic. You are a great example for your team. - Anonymous 

Rachel Bump, Central Office 

Hardworking and level headed all the time. Thank you for all that you do Rachel. - Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Central Office 

Great sports skill and is awesome at keeping us on an even keel through anything you can. Thank you for everything you do for Charlotte Public Schools. - Anonymous

Rachael Eye, Galewood Elementary 

Mrs. Eye goes above and beyond for her students and treating them as if they’re her own children. Making sure they have everything they need, making them feel safe, heard, and cared for. I’m so grateful that she was my child’s first teacher going into public schools, in DK, making the whole experience for my daughter extremely pleasant. Students couldn’t be in better hands! - Anonymous 

Michael Sparks, Charlotte High School 

Mr. Sparks goes above and beyond everyday to be an open ear for students and makes an effort to be around for anyone that needs it for any reason. Hes around every weekend doing basketball games and Helping behind the scenes not afraid to sweep a floor or do things that most people would turn their noses up at. He always has a smile on his face and A positive attitude we need more men like him teaching our youth. - Anonymous

Julie Davis, Aquatic Center 

Julie is working hard trying to bring back old programs and create new ones for our kids. She does a great job and must be exhausted from All of the extra work and hours she puts in. She has a smile on her face and a great attitude. She's fun to work with and easy to get along with, Not many like her out there. - Anonymous 

Lisa Olney, Charlotte MIddle School 

She has always been very kind and helpful! - Marci Rinehart

Tami Nixon, Charlotte High School 

She is always trying to make learning fun for the kids. She genuinely cares about her kids and it shows every day. - Marci Rinehart

Tawnya Mather, Charlotte High School 

She is very caring and always looking out for "her kids." She is truly a gem. - Marci Rinehart 

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School 

He was fabulous as a teacher and he's becoming a great principal. He cares about students and staff and it shows! - Marci Rinehart 

Austin  Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

Mr. Reah is an awesome asset to CMS. He’s in touch with his students needs and encourages them to be the best they can be. Being his first year here, he’s supported his students by attending their sporting events, coaching, listening to them and giving them advice when they need it. I can only hope he has a long career with CPS!  - Anonymous

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School 

Gabe does a great job holding her students accountable for their actions, which prepares them for high school. - Anonymous

Chris Ewald, Central Office 

Chris is always willing to lend a hand while helping others understand processes in a very easy way so we can be better at our jobs. Thank you for always being so kind. - Anonymous

Chris Heisler, Charlotte Middle School 

Chris is doing amazing as the new Dean of Students at the Middle School. - Anonymous

Susan Cosby, Charlotte High School

Susan always goes above and beyond to help anyone in need of anything. She is always professional and caring and extremely skilled at her job! - Anonymous

Sharee Burdick, Charlotte High School

Sharee does so much for CHS and the district! I am not sure anyone really understands how difficult her position is. Trying to maintain positive relationships with students while still holding them accountable. Keep up the great work. - Anonymous

Mrs. Katie Kelley, Charlotte High School

Mrs. Kelley works tirelessly to ensure that the students within the Ag Program are getting hands on learning that they don't in other classes. I could not imagine the work that goes into running facilities and labs on top of creating her own curriculum. She makes learning fun and my student adores her. On top of teaching she also is a phenomenal FFA Advisor, doing her best to give members opportunities that will last a lifetime. Since she has joined CPS she taken the FFA program to a new level and has grown the program. It has been a tough transition year, but she is handling it with grace.  - Anonymous

Tina Schultz, Charlotte High School 

Tina is always willing to help go the extra mile for families and co-workers with any special education questions or needs. Thank you Tina for being awesome! - Anonymous 

Josh Dies, Charlotte High School 

A big THANK YOU TO Josh Dies! Josh is your go to person for your fast and friendly teach service needs! - Anonymous

Brent Bishop, Charlotte High School 

Brent has such a wonderful kitchen staff and food options for students and staff. We appreciate all your hard work, new food ideas and dedication! You are building a great team and a great menu! Thank you for the good eats! - Anonymous

Julie Davis, Aquatic Center

Julie you have such fun and fantastic personality! You bring joy to the students, staff and public. Thank you for successfully connecting the pool, our school and community through so many great and positive activities. - Anonymous 

Lisa Olney, Charlotte Middle School 

Mrs. Olney always goes above and beyond to help our students and staff! She is knowledgeable, timely, and a great person who supports us all. Thank you, Lisa! - Anonymous

Belinda Adams, Charlotte High School

Thank you for braving the elements on a snow day to come in to unload our Gordon Food Service delivery, you are amazing! - Brent Bishop

Nicole Davis, Charlotte High School 

Thank you for braving the elements on a snow day to come in to unload our Gordon Food Service delivery, you rock! - Brent Bishop 

Emily Chandler, Charlotte Middle School 

Thank you for braving the elements on a snow day to come in to unload our Gordon Food Service delivery, thanks for all you do for our kiddos! - Brent Bishop

Iris Nogueras, Charlotte High School 

Iris has worked very hard to develop and produce a wonderful line of fresh pre-packaged salads. Thank you for putting so much care into what you do to provide our students, faculty and staff such attractive and nutritious meals, you are making a difference! - Brent Bishop

Christopher Ewald, Central Office 

Chris came in with big shoes to fill and has done an amazing job doing so. He goes the extra mile to learn his job duties and has been very helpful with staff. Way to go Chris! - Anonymous 

Kary Parr, Central Office 

During this transition to TruTime, Kary has been very helpful and patient with the staff. Change can be difficult and Kary has been handling it with confidence. - Anonymous





Tracy Carlson, Washington Elementary 

The book and Lego club after school at Washington was great! My son, Reed, had such a great time and Mrs. Carlson went above and beyond after school hours to provide a fun and educational activity! - Gleason Family

Andy Czaika, Maintenance

Andy brings his talent as a master Mr. Fix it! He can problem solve your space, and resolve any broken issue you may have! THANK YOU for keeping Charlotte Public Schools together one piece at a time! - Anonymous

Natalie Donovan, Washington Elementary

She helps all kids to make sure they know they are seen and heard! My oldest son was upset about not getting student of the month, he isn’t in her class but she made sure he feels special as well! My child that is in her class has grown tremendously this year because of her academically and as a person! We can’t thank her enough and hope she gets the recognition she deserves!! - Anonymous

Mrs. Carver, Galewood Elementary 

She is so dedicated that she gave me, on the weekend, the homemade bouncy ball recipe she used in class after hearing that my son's ball broke. She also ended up giving away her own homemade bouncy ball when he went back to school! That was so sweet. - Christina Jane Stuck

Valerie Butikofer, Parkview Elementary

My daughter loves Ms B. She loves going to school every day because of Ms B. She is an awesome teacher and communicates well! She even came to see my daughter in an after school activity! Thank you for all you do for your students! - Anonymous

Weymouth Staff, Weymouth Elementary 

The staff at Weymouth have recently enrolled a TON of new families, making this the first time since Pre-COVID that a lot of the rooms have seen full enrollment. They’re transitioning these new kids and their families into the Weymouth community beautifully! - Anonymous

Chris Heisler, Charlotte Middle School

Chris has done a great job doing his new Dean position. He also has a great sense of humor, and has the ability to connect with the students. - Anonymous

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School

We love the way Mrs. Sommer runs her Study Skills class. She has them all sitting at their desks and doing any missing work they have to do. We love the calmness in there. - Anonymous

Nay Sebastian, Transportation

Thank you and the whole Transportation Department for getting our CPS students to school and home safely everyday! - Anonymous

Cheri Friar, Washington Elementary 

Cheri is the backbone of Washington. She always has a smile on her face welcoming students, parents and staff. Cheri is always willing to help and goes above and beyond for our students. - Anonymous 

Kim Byrens, Charlotte Middle School 

Kim does a terrific job working with the 7th and 8th grade students. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Huver, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Mrs. Huver is a tremendous asset to the CUE. She warmly welcomes her students and works tirelessly with them. She has a smile that will brighten your day!  - Anonymous 

Sarah Milarch, Charlotte High School 

Sarah is an AMAZING teacher! She brings a smile to everyone around her even when she might be feeling tired herself. She plans her lessons so well and challenges her students in a way that her students are always wanting to do more and push themselves more than they thought they were capable of. Beyond the classroom though, she genuinely cares about people personally. Thank you! - Anonymous

Gretchen McClellan-Vanarsdale, Charlotte High School

Gretchen cares about all the students and families in the school. She is always looking for opportunities for the students to have more experiences and creative ways to support students, staff and families.  - Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School 

Mr. Guimont sets consistent expectations for students, staff and himself and it shows daily at the Middle School. The students see him out in the hallways and they know he cares about them as he talks to them and models positive interactions. He is always willing to listen and constantly looking for ways to cultivate a positive environment.  - Anonymous 

Laura McCune, Charlotte High School 

Laura is always trying to be wherever she is needed in the building and help get the school set for students and staff. She is there before everyone else making sure the school is ready and can often be seen helping prep the gym at the end of the day for after school events. - Anonymous

Miss. Crystal, Parkview Elementary 

Crystal is a phenomenal worker! She is gifted in her abilities to work with children and truly wants to help them. Every now and then I am lucky enough to have her in my room and she quietly looks for what she can do to move students forward in their learning and does just an amazing job and my students enjoy working with her and do their best effort with her- she inspires the best in everyone! Thank you Miss Crystal! - Anonymous 

Sabrina Simpson, Parkview Elementary 

Sabrina is a very positive and pleasant person to work with and always eager to help students and fellow teachers. She develops lasting relationships with students and colleagues and is an asset to Parkview! -Anonymous 

Miranda Hart, Parkview Elementary 

Miranda is a wealth of knowledge and always ready to help find ways to improve services to children! - Anonymous

Sarah Davis, Charlotte Middle School 

Sarah just goes above and beyond to make genuine, caring, deep connections with her students. Our daughter has been sick recently, and Sarah called us the night of a big procedure to see how she was doing! This is so far above and beyond what would ever be expected, but her care made everyone in our family feel supported and cared for! She is a dedicated and compassionate teacher who listens to her students and devotes personal time above and beyond to show her care!  - Anonymous 

Bobby Hejnal, Charlotte High School 

Bobby Hejnal is the epitome of a caring and dedicated colleague and teacher. He dedicates all of his energy into making connections that last and matter! His level of care is something that only comes from someone who has been in the district long enough to build relationships and develop genuine connections with everyone around him. He is a class act both in and out of the classroom, and he always finds a way to bring smiles to everyone he meets in the day! - Anonymous 

Beth Strait, Charlotte High School 

Beth is such a great listener, both as a colleague and as a teacher. She cares deeply about everyone around her, listens to everyone's woes, and checks in with students and staff daily. She cares deeply about the subject matter she teaches, and she helps students see the value in the literature they read!  - Anonymous 

Melissa Shanker, Charlotte High School 

Melissa is creative, energetic, and fun! She cares so much for her students, and she allows them to exercise creativity in their self-expression! She always has a smile on her face, and she helps spread that smile to all of her colleagues and students! She is a caring, dedicated teacher, and we are lucky to have her at CHS! - Anonymous

Meagan Mosher, Charlotte High School

Meagan is serving families, students and staff with exceptional customer service skills! She is thorough and thoughtful. Thank you Meagan! - Anonymous

Jennifer Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Jennifer is always so incredibly patient and kind with students. Students respond so well to Jennifer's kind and caring demeanor. She is always reliable and always does what is best for students. She is a huge asset to students and Charlotte Schools. - Shasta Lenz

Jacklyn Paris, Parkview Elementary 

Jacklyn goes out of her way to show love and kindness to our students and staff. She is always willing to pitch in and help. - Anonymous

Lucy McCalla, Parkview Elementary

Lucy wants the very best for her students all the time. She advocates to make sure their needs are being met. Lucy is a great support for our teachers as well. - Anonymous

Deborah Dyrness, Galewood Elementary

Deborah Dyrness has been a great teacher and my daughter loves going to school and learning from her. I can see and feel that she really cares about the kids in her classroom! I also want to mention Mr. Burns and all the staff I have come in contact with have been helpful and great! - Jacob Richey

Amber Creech, Other

Not only does Amber do an amazing job working with students with IEPs through the evaluation process, she also goes above and beyond to support the Special Education team. Amber often collects data, provides teaching resources, and offers a listening ear! Thank you, Amber! - Becky Carter

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School 

Mrs. Sommer is just what CMS needed!! Her dedication to meeting the needs of the whole student is evident through the success her students achieve each and every day. The constant flow of students through her classroom door is further proof of the crucial role she plays in creating a safe and comforting space for our kids.  - Becky Carter

Kelsey Newman, Charlotte Middle School 

Mrs. Turner’s rigorous Spanish curriculum and constant desire to improve is shown through the faces of our proud CMS students when the pass the test for high school as 7th and 8th graders. Learning a foreign language is not an easy feat, but her kindness and constant positivity lead the students of CMS to work hard toward a goal that puts them a step ahead as the begin at CHS.  - Anonymous

Celena Aspinall, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Mrs. Aspinall is professional and approachable. She has made the 6th grade teachers feel welcomed and comfortable. We live working with you, Celina.  - Anonymous

Kary Parr, Central Office 

Kary is very knowledgeable, kind, and reliable! - Anonymous

Mrs. Cates, Charlotte Middle School

She has made my day amazing! She teaches, and makes me ready to come into school. - Anonymous

Mrs. Cates, Charlotte Middle School 

Ever since i came to charlotte she has been welcoming and amazing! She makes being a student here enjoyable and fun :) - Anonymous

Austin Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

Fun Teacher, good to talk to about your problems. Hes also really nice. - Sophia Aapala

Mrs. Kaiser, Charlotte Middle School 

Helps kids work and learn in a better environment and always checks in on her students. - Anonymous

Mr. Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

Mr.Reah is a great teacher for one and he will always help you if you have a problem and help resolve it. - Anonymous

Ms. Heugel, Charlotte Middle School 

Amazing teacher! - Anonymous

Mrs. Cates, Charlotte Middle School 

She is a awesome teacher, and an amazing person! - Anonymous

Mr. Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

He makes it easy for kids to learn better and it understanding and is really easy to talk to.  - Kasen Vandorpe

Jennifer Wood, Charlotte Middle School 

She made class entertaining and I learned a lot in that class. - Anonymous 

Charles (Janitor), Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Charles always cleans up the messes in our school. - Anonymous

Cherie Larson, Charlotte Upper School 

she helps make our schools great by making reading fun and now kids want to read a lot more. - Shirleyann Huber 

Mr. Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

He always listens to my problems and helps me when i need help. he also makes it fun to go to school. - Ella Colosky

Charles (Janitor), Charlotte Upper Elementary 

He is very kind and he keeps our building clean and functional. - Anonymous 

Abby Milarch, Charlotte Aquatic Center

Abby has gone above and beyond as a lifeguard to make sure everyone is alive by the end of their swim. - Anonymous

Charles (Janitor), Charlotte Upper Elementary 

He keeps the the school clean. - Anonymous

Mrs. Cates, Charlotte Middle School 

She has become a leader for a new club and has been here doing her best even though she is injured. She is always here and will listen to you when you need a friend or help. - Anonymous

Mr. Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

Mr.Reah is always there for others. He's like our very own friend. Basically every student talks to him and is comfort getting advice. Mr.Reah as help so many of us through our troubles. - Addalyn Schwartz

Keli Hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She makes math fun in ways you can't even imagine! - Shirleyann Huber 

Mr. Xanthopoulos, Charlotte Middle School

He tries his best to teach a bunch of middle school students, (most of which have absolutely no interest in ELA), English and a bit of history. I know I've probably learned the most in his class. - Anonymous

Natasha Jewell, Washington Elementary

She is always kind and helpful to her students and peers. - Anonymous

Mrs. Cates, Charlotte Middle School 

Mrs. Cates starts every morning with a smile on her face! Whenever you need help with anything even in other class periods too, you can go to Mrs.Cates and she is always a helpful friendly face! Mrs. Cates works above and beyond to help lead the NJHS and get a stronger community and appreciated everyone in our school not just teachers but office members too. She also is a friendly face to talk to in anytime of need, and she always lets me tell her my problems.  - Elizabeth Stanke

Karen Miller, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She wants to make learning fun and she cares about her students. - Shirleyann Huber 

Mr. Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

Always takes time to talk with students! - Anonymous

Ms. Cates, Charlotte Middle School 

Working so hard, despite her injury. - Anonymous

Ms. Emberton, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She lets us do presentations and pick our partners most of the time. - Anonymous

Mr. Everly, Charlotte Middle School 

Helping with the Aladdin musical - Shirleyann Huber 

Mrs. P, Washington Elementary

Mrs. P always has a smile on her face. She will go out of her way to help any student and staff member.  - Anonymous

Mrs. Larson, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She's always helps you with anything. - Savannah Camp

Mrs.Bunker, Parkview Elementary 

Always helping my little sister Caroline Ratcliff! - Anonymous

Fawn Young, Other 

She helps me out with all of my work. - Anonymous 

Cherie Larson, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She never fails to teach us and she is amazing. - Sophia Thompson

Cherie Larson, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

She is all ways funny and helps me learn. - Carmen 

Mr. Haney, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

He is the best teacher I have ever had Mr Haney is the best! - Kayleena Peters

Charlotte Middle School

The reception that I have received since staring at CMS has been nothing but amazing. Thank you for the warm welcome to Charlotte schools! - Wendy Murray 

Mr. Heisler, Charlotte Middle School 

Mr. Heisler is stern with the kids when needed but also has positive conversations with kids. He does a good job building an encouraging relationship with students and staff. - Anonymous

Milo Young, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Being nice to other people. - Anonymous

Ashlyn Coats, Charlotte High School 

Ms. Coats' day is filled with variety and high energy to say the least. She is responsible for social emotional needs of over 700 students on a daily basis and always has a smile on her face and thoughtfulness in her heart. She never knows what will walk through her door or what she's walking into, but regardless, she approaches it with positivity and a growth mindset. We so appreciate the effort she puts in for not only students but staff as well. If you have a chance, check in with her, because she will always check in with you.
THANK YOU MS. COATS! - Project Success Students/Staff

Meagan Mosher, Charlotte High School 

Meagan is a wonderful ambassador of our brand! She always has a wonderful disposition especially when it matters most. Thank you for all you do for Nutrition Services! - BB

Ms. Owens, Washington Elementary 

Ms. Owens is always willing to help where needed. She goes above and beyond her job expectations to help the students at Washington. - Anonymous

Courtney Quinn, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Courtney is always willing to help anyone in need whether it is a student or a colleague. Thank you!! - Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School 

Thank you Ryan for always advocating for what you feel is best for the students at CMS. - Anonymous

Washington Custodial Staff, Washington Elementary 

We thank you for everything you do to keep everyone healthy and safe! - The Judy Family 

Chris Johnson, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Thank you Mr. Johnson for being a wonderful Principal! Our Student at the CUE has had great interactions with you! Thank you for caring about Charlotte kids! -  District Family 

Rachael Eye, Galewood Elementary 

Few teachers have as big of a heart as Mrs. Eye. She cares about the child as a whole. She is a staunch advocate for appropriate early childhood programs and activities. I am blessed to be on the DK team with her as she is willing to support and collaborate to give our littlest learners a fantastic first school experience! - Julie Gilbert 

Brianna Carver, Galewood Elementary 

Mrs. Carver is a gifted early childhood educator.
She is masterful with classroom management and works hard to create an appropriate yet challenging learning experience for her DK students. She is a wealth of knowledge and is happy to collaborate with team members. -  Julie Gilbert

Mrs. Schmidt, Washington Elementary 

Mrs. Schmidt is an absolute joy! She keeps the staff laughing and is extremely encouraging. We are so grateful for her! - Anonymous

Mrs. Carlson, Washington Elementary 

Mrs. Carlson is fantastic! She puts her heart and soul into everything she does! She is so committed to our students and our district! Her Books and Blocks Club is amazing! Mrs. Carlson blends intense learning with fun and exploration. The kids just love it! - Anonymous 

Mr. Morrison, Charlotte High School 

He does an outstanding job developing ideas and keeping project success running smoothly. He works well with and has a great rapport with the students. Keep up the great work!!! - Anonymous

Holly Nevins, Galewood Elementary 

Welcome to CPS Holly! You are doing a great job picking up your new role and supporting the staff, students, and families at Galewood! Keep it up! - Anonymous 

Food Service Dept,  All Charlotte Public Schools

All our food service staff is wonderful and hard working and I am so happy to be part of this team!! You all rock!! For real!! - Meagan Mosher

Chris Ewald, Central Office 

Chris goes above and beyond to make sure you have what you need when you need it, even to the point of making a store run to pick up supplies. He is also very helpful with the questions put forth to him and also getting right back to you with an answer to help you solve your issues. - Lisa Olney 

Gabe Sommer, Charlotte Middle School 

Thank you Gabe for always helping me, supporting me, and working so hard for our students. You make me feel like part of the team!!! - Lisa Bullen 

Kary Parr, Central Office 

Kary is always there to help with any questions I have. She is so positive and happy to help. Thanks Kary! - Lisa Bullen

Josh Dies, Charlotte High School 

Josh is so patient in making sure we were set up properly and answered all of our questions. Such a wonderful way to start as a new employee using CPS Tech. - Anonymous

Hollie Auten, Performing Arts Center

Thank you for all of the time and care you put into CPS students with your love of theater. You make it such a positive experience for our kids! - Anonymous

Jeff Szekely, Charlotte High School 

Mr. Szekely and the pep band make the atmosphere in The Dome great! Great job! - Anonymous

Jen Wood, Charlotte Middle School 

Jen cares about her students as learners and as teenagers with complex life situations. She checks in with her kiddos, reaches out to parents, and always provides support!  - Anonymous

Jill Cates, Charlotte Middle School 

Jill always has an eye out for students, whether she's in the classroom or in the hallways! She checks in on kids and ensures they are okay, building lasting relationships over time. - Anonymous 

Ryan Guimont, Charlotte Middle School 

Ryan is outstanding with student communication and parent outreach. He listens carefully and caringly to concerns, keeps parents and students informed, and provides reasonable, appropriate support when needs arise! Ryan goes above and beyond to manage the daily struggles middle schoolers face. - Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal, Charlotte High School

If there is something positive going on behind the scenes (Yearbook, Spirit Weeks, Snow coming dance, Bird Feeder, etc.), you can bet Bobby Hejnal is orchestrating the details, sacrificing time, and giving it his all. He is a true asset to CHS! - Anonymous

Susan Cosby, Charlotte High School 

Susan stops on a dime to help every one of us with whatever crazy need we have in the moment! She is always so positive, so supportive, and so patient. Her plate is overflowing, but she never treats any of us like we are anything less than her number-one priority! - Anonymous 

Jared Gates, Charlotte High School 

Jared is an awesome addition to CHS! He has so much positive energy, checks in on his people, and engages his students with great enthusiasm!  - Anonymous 

April Delecki, Central Office 

April brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Always willing to give her guidance and support. - Anonymous 

Susan Cosby, Charlotte High School 

Susan is always kind and helpful. Very easy to approach :) - Anonymous

Gretchen McClellan-Vanarsdale, Charlotte High School 

Gretchen is a positive person who reaches out to get to know the students and really builds positive relationships with the students and families in the district. She also takes the time to encourage staff members to focus on the students, offer trainings and supports, and lends a listening ear when needed. - Anonymous

Melissa Strotheide, Charlotte High School 

Melissa has been a great addition to the high school this year! She always has a smile and a positive attitude. If you walk into her classroom, you will see her energy and care for the students and the students' excitement to see her. - Anonymous

Ms. Brooklyn, Weymouth Childcare

Ms. Brooklyn is currently in charge of two classrooms in the school age program at Weymouth. She is very communicative about my child’s day, and makes sure to send home positive news whereas some teachers would only communicate on a bad day. She has done more with two classrooms than anyone could possibly expect and my child is SO excited to see what summer camp is like from the few things she’s shared already. Great job Ms. Brooklyn, my daughter loves you! - Anonymous




Heidi Ransom, Parkview Elementary 

Heidi is so efficient and always has things covered I don't know what we would do without her! - Anonymous

Ms. Brooklyn, Weymouth Childcare

Ms. Brooklyn is currently in charge of two classrooms in the school age program at Weymouth. She is very communicative about my child’s day, and makes sure to send home positive news whereas some teachers would only communicate on a bad day. She has done more with two classrooms than anyone could possibly expect and my child is SO excited to see what summer camp is like from the few things she’s shared already. Great job Ms. Brooklyn, my daughter loves you! - Anonymous

Annette Jones, Parkview Elementary 

I love the silent signals/sign language that Annette is using in her room! Students really need some silent signals and I am using them in my room and it really helps with the noise. Would love to have some instruction on simple sign language to teach my students for next year! -Anonymous

Kary Parr, Central Office 

Thank you for working tirelessly to fix the payroll on February 28th! I am sure it was a long day for you. I am sure that some people were not kind in waiting. Please know you are appreciated. - Anonymous

Zach Everly, Charlotte High School 

Thank you, Zach, for bringing in the Alma College Choir and giving our CHS Choir students the opportunity to experience the talent and excitement that a post-secondary choir has to offer! - Anonymous

April Delecki, Central Office 

April goes above and beyond for everyone around her. She always willing to help. I really appreciate her and enjoy the bright light that she brings to the room. - Anonymous 

Kary Parr, Central Office 

Kary Parr is an Amazing Oriole! Even when things get tough and chaotic she remains calm and collected. Kary is truly a shining star here in the district. - Anonymous

Deja Davis, Central Office 

Great to see her at the front desk always smiling and friendly, ready to help. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Carlson, Washington Elementary 

Thank you so much for all you did for the Books and Blocks club. It was absolutely evident you put your heart into it on your free time. You went above and beyond for those students. My son had a blast and the pizza party at the end was an awesome way for families to learn about the event! - Jessica Leonard 

Ms. Kuhn, Charlotte Middle School 

Ms. Kuhn is a kind and caring teacher. She has a lot of patience. She is a good role model for students. - Anonymous 

Ms. Cates, Charlotte Middle School 

Ms. Cates is a very caring 8th grade Science teacher. She does an excellent job. - Anonymous 

Jennifer Wood, Charlotte Middle School 

'She is always helping people and she’s an amazing teacher. - Anonymous 

Tim Kilberg , Parkview Elementary 

He is a wonderful teacher to my non verbal autistic child. He is great at communicating my Childs needs or concerns while at school. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and great with all the kids in his class. I feel comfortable with my special needs child in his care. Thank you Mr. K. - Jessica Erhardt 

James McRae , Charlotte Middle School 

He attends kids sporting events and band festival. Today despite band weather he came an attended the MSBOA band festival. When the 7th/8th grade band saw him he ran down the aisle like it was the Price is Right. He then gave them a quick pep talk about how well they done and asks about their experience. - Sarita Shetenhelm

Gabe Sommer , Charlotte Middle School 

Gabe is always willing to help with any thing involving her co-workers to her students and every kid in the district. Keep up the good work. - Anonymous 

Brandy Pena , Parkview Elementary 

She helps make sure the kids are safe during lunch time. - Anonymous

Abby Pardick , Galewood Elementary 

 Abby is a valued asset to the Galewood teaching staff. Not only is she supportive to our students and their families, but also to the staff. She is a team player and is always up for a challenge. She is organized and can make a killer spreadsheet. Abby wants what is best for students and won’t stop until she figures out what that is for them. She’s a fun person to be around and I am so glad to get to work with her!  - Anonymous 

Mrs. Hammond , Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Mrs. Hammond goes above and beyond. She is always available for our students without question and an amazing coworker. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate.  - Mrs. Larson 

Danielle Patterson , Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Danielle works tirelessly with kindness and compassion for everyone who invades the office and wants their needs taken care of immediately. No matter the chaos, she is ready to help. Thank you foe joint the CUE team. You are noticed and appreciated! -  Anonymous 

Kristen Owens , Washington Elementary 

Kristen always makes our son feel comfortable and helps him whenever he needs her. Im thankful that she is able to make him comfortable when he is at school. - Brandon's Mom

Austin Rhea, Charlotte Middle School 

Mr. Rhea has become a positive person for all of our young men and women at the middle school. He goes above and beyond everyday to interact with these kids and shows them respect which in turn has gained him the respects of so many of the students and countless parents. We are incredibly happy to have someone like Mr. Rhea as a role model for our young athletes and kids and as an employee of Charlotte Public Schools. - Jenn DeLeeuw

Sarah Milarch , Charlotte High School 

Sarah Milarch is a diamond in the jewelry box that makes up CHS. She would never see herself as such, as she is one of the most selfless people one will ever meet. Her genuine interest, care, and concern for her colleagues and students will benefit them long after their days at CHS. - Anonymous 

Danielle Heugel & Jeff Szekely, Charlotte Middle/High School 

Congratulations Ms. Heugel, Mr. Szekely, and the CPS Bands on a phenomenal Band Festival. You hosted a wonderful festival and led our bands back home with straight 'I's', proving that the traditions of excellence set by the Charlotte Bands are alive and well. We are so glad that you're a part of this team! - Mr. Everly & The Charlotte Choirs

Mrs. Kelley , Charlotte Middle/High School 

Mrs. Kelley teaches at both the HS and 1 class at the MS. She is doing an awesome job with the middle school class, getting students engaged in Ag topics. My student loves her class and the hands-on things that they get to do- in turn I have learned a lot as well from my student about food production. Great job Mrs. Kelley! - Anonymous 

Mrs. Sommer , Charlotte Middle School

Your willingness to help any student in the building is appreciated. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Turner , Charlotte Middle School

Mrs. Turner is an amazing Spanish teacher!!! - Anonymous 

Kelsie Newman, Charlotte Middle School 

Kelsie Newman is such a great addition to our Charlotte Public Schools family. Sitting next to her at Hooping for a Cure, she was visited by so many different students, which just goes to show how she puts relationships before all else. The students love her, staff members (including her former teacher, ME!) love her. As my son and daughter say, "Miss Newman always has a smile on her face!" Thank you for being so positive! - Natalie Keyton 

Mrs. Larson, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

For helping me and making me laugh. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Bray, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Staying after school with me until my mom came when i missed my bus. - Shirleyann Huber 

John Colegrove, Transportation 

John is always so friendly and appreciative of the work that we do for each other and the greater good, no matter your role in the District. Thank you John for always finding the positive. - Anonymous

McKenna Sine, Weymouth Child Development 

McKenna has been a great addition to our childcare team. She is always willing to help wherever needed and clearly enjoys being around our kids. - Anonymous

Natalie Donovan, Washington Elementary

Thank you Natalie for putting up with the construction inconveniences. You have truly been a team player and your kindness is certainly appreciated more than you know. - Anonymous

Julie Ferguson, Parkview Elementary 

Thank you Julie for always have a smile on your face and a willingness to help anyone in need. You are a great asset to the District and Parkview! - Anonymous

Jeff Bennett, Technology Department

Jeff is professional and courteous. He is always looking to get the employees of CPS the right resources to make their jobs easier. - Anonymous

Mrs. Olney, Charlotte Middle School 

Mrs. Olney works hard to keep our school running smoothly. She is always willing to help out without hesitation. Thanks for all you do!!! - Lisa Bullen

Patricia Englehart, Weymouth Child Development 

Patricia always goes above and beyond, she’s a great asset to Weymouth Child Development Center! She’s always interacting with the children. Whether it’s reading a book or helping them put puzzles together. Thanks Pat! - Anonymous

Jennifer Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Mrs. Williams provides amazing staff support! She is capable of supporting two separate classrooms and maintains a positive attitude throughout the day. Thank you so much for helping out when and where you can, its greatly appreciated! - Anonymous

Kym Kletke, Galewood Elementary 

She is easily accessible. She is very responsive. She is always willing to answer questions. She genuinely cares about the children in her class. Specifically, she will "go to bat" for those children. - Anonymous 

Jamie Keller, Galewood Elementary 

Ms. Keller made two magical kindergarten musicals happen this month! Kudos for two great shows and all of your hard work making it happen! - Anonymous

Danielle Heugle, Charlotte Middle School 

Danielle Heugle has brought so much new life and enthusiasm to the CHS band program! She led the students to profound success at the district festival, and she is working tirelessly to orchestrate their state festival! We are so lucky to have Danielle Heugle at CMS! - Anonymous 

Jennifer Williams, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

I appreciate your flexibility throughout the course of the day, you truly help with the flow of the daily routine and whatever wrench gets thrown in the equation. Thank you for all you do! - Mr. P

Mrs. Dyrness, Galewood Elementary 

When my family had death in the family, she made sure she always had a box of Kleenex around and lots of hugs for my granddaughter when she need it. - Dyann Saal (Gabriella Saal)

Mrs. April, Weymouth Child Development 

Mrs. April has been at Weymouth for years and it is so obvious how passionate she is about the job and her students! She’s always making everything so fun for the kids, and it’s clear how much they adore her!  - Anonymous

Mrs. Victoria, Weymouth Child Development 

Mrs. Victoria at Weymouth has so much knowledge surrounding infants and is such an advocate for the littles in her care! She’s amazing with them! - Anonymous

Ms. Kaitland, Weymouth Child Development 

Ms. Kaitland is amazing with the toddlers in her care and is always sending home the cutest artwork! Such a great teacher! - Anonymous 

Ms. Erica, Weymouth Child Development

Ms. Erica is a newer teacher at Weymouth and she’s been doing a great job! The kids are having a wonderful time in her room! - Anonymous

Ms. Kya, Weymouth Child Development 

Ms. Kya has been at Weymouth for a long time and makes such a lasting impression on the littles in her care! They’re all so articulate and they have so much knowledge upon leaving her room! - Anonymous 

Ms. Kayleigh, Weymouth Child Development 

Ms. Kayleigh has made such a difference on the Weymouth Pre-K program since she’s been at the center! The kids that come into kindergarten from her group will do amazing things once they hit Kindergarten! - Anonymous 

Ms. Brooklyn, Weymouth Child Development 

Ms. Brooklyn has made the School Age program at Weymouth improve so much since she’s been there! The kids love her and she makes such close connections with each of her students, it’s almost impossible to believe there’s so many kids in her care! - Anonymous 

Mrs. Morgan, Weymouth Child Development 

Mrs. Morgan has improved Weymouth SO MUCH since being the director. There has been such a shift in positivity at the center and an insane amount of parent involvement that can only be attributed to having such an awesome director! She takes the time to get to know each and every family on a friendly level, and anyone should have the utmost confidence in leaving children in the care of staff brought in by her! She has certainly created an amazing team and a loving, nurturing environment in the Charlotte community! - Anonymous 

Amy Dalton, Charlotte Middle School 

Amy is such a positive, supportive, encouraging teacher! She does so much to support her students, and she is their biggest cheerleader! We feel so fortunate to have her teaching our child math! :) - Anonymous

Mr. Reah, Charlotte Middle School 

What an outstanding addition to CMS! Mr. Reah makes meaningful connections with the students and understands the complexities of Middle School life! He is supportive, encouraging, and engaging! We are lucky to have Mr. Reah at CMS! - Anonymous

Kimberly Telfor, Parkview Elementary 

Mrs. Telfor was able to assist me with printing issues in a swift! I am very grateful for her help! - Mr. Pastor 

Mrs. Kelley, Charlotte Middle School 

Mrs. Kelley does an awesome job with students teaching them such valuable- usable information, managing a barn, and running the FFA Program- I could not imagine doing all of that on top of teaching. My children have loved her classes and always positive personality. CPS is lucky to have her here! - Anonymous 

Jamie Keller, Galewood Elementary 

Jamie did a great job with Galewood's Kindergarten programs in March! She brings quality music education to our youngest learners through play & movement. The shows were a testament to her work. She also does a great job of meeting the needs of each individual student in both academics and their social emotional needs. She is a very reflective educator and I admire her dedication to her work!  - Anonymous

Mary Vansickle, Galewood Elementary 

Mary does a great job working with students at Galewood! She forms relationships with all of the students she works with and is helping them grow in their learning goals! Mary takes initiative keep track of what they are working on in the classroom and what they could be working on next, often without direction. It is her willingness to help all students that I admire in Mary. My students love working with her! - Anonymous

Ms. Brenda & Ms. Angela, Washington Elementary

Thank you for all of your hard work with the Granola with Grandparents event, you both are amazing! Thanks for all you do for our kiddos at Washington! - BB

Brent Bishop, Brenda Tomlinson & Angela Poortvilet, Washington Elementary 

This AMAZING food service staff went WAY above-and-beyond at our Granola with Grandparents event this reading month at Washington. They organized and freshly prepared delicious breakfast yogurt-and-granola banana splits for the visiting grandparents and their grandchildren before school. We received so many positive comments from the grandparents on the morning about their delicious treat. Thank you all for making this a wonderful morning to celebrate reading and our Washington families! - Natalie & Tracy

Kailey Farrand, Washington Elementary

As her 1st year of teaching she is doing Amazing! I’m very proud of her and I know the kids love her too. - Rachel (her cousin)

Patricia Collard, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

Thank you so much for all you do! I truly appreciate how you are going above and beyond what anyone should have to do to help one of my students be successful. - Keli Hammond

Heidi Ransom, Parkview Elementary 

Heidi is so organized, and keeps things running smoothly, while her humor keeps staff smiling. - Anonymous

Emily Rau, Parkview Elementary 

Thank you Emily for all you do each day behind the scenes, planned and unplanned, to support students and staff. - Anonymous 

Celena Aspinall, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

For always being there to support me and help guide me along this journey. - Karen M

Cheri Larson, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

For always being there to support me, and give me guidance. - Karen M 

Keli Hammond, Charlotte Upper Elementary 

For always having kind words of support and being so organized! - Karen M 

Mrs Brown, Galewood Elementary

She has helped our daughter get into speech therapy along with making sure she has a top notch education. She is a wonderful teacher and has made the first year of school for our daughter the best, she always has amazing things to say about mrs brown!-Ashlee Kepitis

Ms. Hornacek,  Galewood Elementary

Both my son and currently my daughter has her now. She goes above and beyond for her students. She gives them all hugs everyday. And my daughter just loves going to school so she can see her. She looks forward to it. My daughter and son has learned alot from her. And she's the sweetest too!-Ashley Bedunah




Heidi Ransom, Parkview Elementary 

Heidi is so efficient and always has things covered I don't know what we would do without her! - Anonymous 

Lexi Lanning, Parkview Elementary

Does an amazing job everyday with very challenging children and we are so lucky to have her! - Anonymous

Mrs.Andi (my bus driver ), transportation dept

Helping people and being so nice - Alivia King

Ms Cater, Middle School

Being kind - Robert Wolfe

Mrs Jill Cates & Allie Cates, Middle School

Being kind - Andi Rinehart

Mrs Carter, Middle School

She was nice to enrichment - Anonymous

Mr. Reah, Middle School

First of all he had to deal with being the cool teacher, and he's also just nice. - Anonymous 

Mrs. Newman, Middle School

She always has a positive attitude that makes you smile. - Maddie Shepherd

Mrs. Chynoweth, Middle School

She has been helping me alot with my art work. - Chloe Aves

Mr Everly, Middle School

He is nice - Anonymous

Mr Everly, Middle School

Being positive being supportive to students and making class fun - Luke Oneill

Ms. Crips, Middle School

She helped me a lot with my work. - Reese Blasius

Mrs Carter,Middle School

She helps me with my work and is kind - Michael Penner

Michelle Sine, Central Office

Michelle is always working to ensure that we are financially secure, but still will take the time to say "thank you" and create rewards and fun things for the staff! We loved the Easter egg hunt! -anonymous

Gretchen McClellan VanArsdale, Central Office

She always makes sure we keep the focus on what is best for students, and stays calm and reassuring for parents!-anonymous

Jenna Hunt,Central Office

Great addition to the CO team! So positive and upbeat!-anonymous

Nick Boucher, Central Office

Nick really puts his time into researching curricular choices and getting feedback from staff before implementing! Can't wait for the new math supports!-anonymous

Rachel Bump,Central Office

Rachel always makes time when I come to see her, even if there are millions of other things on her plate. It makes me feel valued that she takes the time to listen-anonymous

Ms. Carolyn, Other

Ms. Carolyn is always smiling and eager to greet all the kids in the morning. She is also very helpful in whatever room she is in.-anonymous

Kim Telfor,Parkview Elementary

Kim is one of the best go getters out there! She continually works to improve, meet, and exceed the districts request! Always an above and beyond worker!-Anonymous 

Bobby Hejnal, High School

Bobby Hejnal is an indispensable member of the Charlotte Public Schools community, whose tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence have made a profound impact on students and staff alike. One of Bobby's most remarkable contributions has been his year-long work on the yearbook, a labor of love that requires an immense amount of time, effort, and attention to detail. In addition to his professional contributions, Bobby's amazing ability to build relationships with students and friendly demeanor have made him a beloved figure in the Charlotte Public Schools community. In short, Bobby Hejnal is an irreplaceable asset to the Charlotte Public Schools community, whose unparalleled work ethic, unwavering commitment to excellence, and warm and caring personality have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who have had the privilege of working with him-Anonymous

Mrs. Chynoweth,Middle School

She helps me with my work and inspires me-Anonymous

Mrs. Carter, Middle School  

She always starts the day with a kind greeting and gives me pencils.-maddie shepherd

Mrs. Crips, Middle School

Letting me talk to her and being nice-Alivia King

Ms. Hugeul, Middle School

She helped me with my music for band.-Anonymous

Brock Moore, Upper Elementary

My son started track for the first time this year and was unsure how he would like it. From the beginning, my son has come home in high spirits and is truly enjoying the sport. Kudos to Mr. Moore for creating that positive environment for newbies!-The Lake's

Jared Gates, High School

As a new teacher, Mr Gates has really put his energy into ensuring his students get the education they need while enjoying their time learning Spanish! Thanks, Mr Gates!-Anonymous

J Mcrae, Middle School

I very much appreciate this teacher going above and beyond to connect with students.-Summer Reiser

Ms Beasley, Upper Elementary

My son enjoys Ms Beasleys class so much. I appreciate her teaching style and how she is able to connect with her students and their individual needs.-Summer Reiser

Mr Haney, Upper Elementary

Thank you for going above and beyond connecting with the students during recess football. My son gets so excited to tell me all the stories and highlights. -Summer Reiser

Easton Davis, Middle School

Making me smile-Andi Rinehart

Becky Taylor, Washington Elementary

Becky has been amazing working with our son. She is an excellent support person and it sometimes seems like she knows him better that I do.-Anonymous

Danielle Heugal, Middle School

Mrs. Heugal was very supportive of her band students at solo and ensemble and chose to watch her students do their solos instead of taking her lunch break. She also did a good job working with them on her own time as opposed to class time and it was much appreciated.-Sarita Shetenhelm





Ashley,Parkview Elementary

Thank you SO MUCH for helping yesterday. You did not have to ask me if I needed help and you did. You did not have to walk back to the building with this student, but you did. You went above and beyond to help out and for this, I'm greatly appreciative. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!- Kevin Pastor

Mr. Szekely and Ms. Heugel (and the Charlotte Bands!),Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, Performing Arts Center

Congratulations on a fantastic 86th Band Bounce! What a wonderful year of growth and music our band program has had as a result of these wonderful, hard working teachers and students. Thank you for helping to carry on the Charlotte tradition of musical excellence. We are proud to be your neighbors!-Mr. Everly and The Charlotte Choirs

Evelyn Sommerlot,Washington Elementary

Because of Mrs. Sommerlots obviously strong dedication to her students, My student has successfully transferred out of the IEP program and back into the classroom. Sommerlot likes to have fun activities planned that help students understand the material. Thank you Mrs. Sommerlot for making learning fun as well as helping my student meet her expectations this school year! #2023!-Aundrea N.Bongiovanni & Lauren Humes

Brandon Schmitt, High School

Mr. Schmitt has played a pivotal role in enhancing the academic and social environment of Charlotte High School. He has developed a reputation as a teacher who goes above and beyond for his students, and his impact has been felt throughout the school community. His flexibility in accommodating the needs of students has also been noteworthy. One of Mr. Schmitt's greatest strengths is his uncanny ability to relate to kids and form bonds with them. His enthusiasm and passion for science are contagious, and his approachable demeanor has made him a trusted and respected figure among his students. Mr. Schmitt's presence has been a source of joy and fun for everyone around him. His positive attitude and enthusiasm have made him a pleasure to be around, and his sense of humor has brought a smile to many faces.-Anonymous

Mrs.Larson,Upper Elementary

Mrs.Larson was the best teacher, I had in 6th grade, she was so nice and was a great teacher.-Isla Sulpher

Lisa Olney,Middle School

Lisa holds this school and all of us together. Lisa is our rock and we truly appreciate her and everything that she does!! Thank you Lisa!! Anonymous

Jenn Wood,Middle School

Jennifer creates strong relationship with all kids! She is able to connect with them in a way that is meaningful for the pre-teen to understand. Empathy is a skill we work on daily in middle school, and Jennifer can elicit empathy from students through her caring and honest approach. She also works hard to allow the student council at CMS to shine through her behind the scenes work. Thanks, Jennifer!-Becky Carter

Laura Granger,Parkview Elementary

Ms. Granger has really put time into making amazing lessons for her students, and creating memorable activities, from Whoobilation to pen pals, reading buddies, Chinese New Year, and on to 3rd grade boot camp! She has worked hand in hand with us to ensure that our son is doing the best job that he can and she has done nothing but support and love on him and we couldn't be more grateful. YOU ARE THE BEST!!-Anonymous

Ms. Manson,Parkview Elementary

Ms. Manson has done an amazing job getting the kids engaged in learning. She does a lot of really cool engaging lessons that feel like games to the kids, like escape rooms and cards and also movement lessons that are very hands on. She has challenged our son in both reading and math, and he has been working above grade level most of the year. We are very thankful for her allowing him to extend his learning and for pushing him not only academically, but as a person, helping to build his character. YOU ARE AMAZING!-Anonymous

Amy Byam,Galewood Elementary

Byam, your ability to help Kindergarten students master the skills that they need for 1st grade is beyond measure. You have an amazing control of your classroom, you are fun and engaging and a wonderful example of how kids can learn AND have fun at the same time. Kudos to you! You are an EXCELLENT teacher.-Anonymous

Katie Kelley,High School

I love the student projects that are displayed outside Katie's classroom. They make me smile when I come into the building each day! Thank you for making the school environment fun, clean, and inviting:)-Anonymous

Tracy Evans,High School

Tracy organizes Senior Honor's Convocation. She works so hard, paying attention to every detail, to ensure proper recognition of our graduates. This year's Convocation was excellent! Thank you for caring about students!-Anonymous

Charlotte Athletic Boosters

Thank you to the Charlotte Athletic Boosters for your efforts for Charlotte Students. This year's Reversal Raffle Fund Raiser was great! You are providing support for our students and You are appreciated!-Anonymous

Mandy Stewart,Central Office

Mandy does a great job of communicating with staff and families.  -Anonymous

Jane Haga,Parkview Elementary

Jane pours everything she is into teaching her students. We are lucky to have her teaching our students here in Charlotte. -Anonymous

Kim Telfor,Parkview Elementary

Kim is such an asset to our district- knowledgeable, helpful, kind, caring....... AMAZING! -Anonymous

Mrs Andi, Washington Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, Transportation Department

Being nice and loving my gift and giving me stuff .-Alivia King

Jill Cates, Middle School

Making me smile everyday -Andi Rinehart

Lucinda McCalla,Parkview Elementary

Miss McCalla is an amazing teacher and Parkview is lucky to have her!     -Anonymous

Mrs Olivia Murray, Upper Elementary, Middle School

Being nice to me and letting us be friends and used to talk about marvel and also giving me gum at the choir concert -Alivia king

Mrs. Chyneoweth, Middle School

She has helped me the whole year with my art and i really appreciate it. -Anonymous    

Mrs.Wood, Middle School

She helped me with reviewing for my test and I really appreciate it. -Anonymous

Jenna Hunt, Central Office

Your positive energy has been a beautiful addition to Central Office! -Anonymous

Jennifer Williams, Upper elementary

 She is Kind and Patient and is Great with all the kids. - A Parent 

Mrs. Donovan, Washington Elementary

Mrs. Donovan's enthusiasm for her students is unparalleled. We have loved having her as our son's teacher this year, and so has he! -Anonymous

Susan Cosby, High School

Susan is so valued in the front office of the high school and athletic departments. She ensures everything runs smoothly, is always willing to help, and has a welcoming smile!-Anonymous

Anna Shattuck,Washington Elementary

Anna has been the best second grade teacher for my child this year! She is organized, consistent, and treats the students like little humans instead of just children. Her energy is contagious in the classroom keeping the kids engaged! Thank you for rocking this year!-Anonymous

Chris Heisler, Middle School

Chris does an awesome job of supporting staff and students. He hold kids accountable all day long which is not an easy job but one of the most important and necessary ones. Despite all Chris's hard work he still makes times to laugh and joke with the kids and build relationships. We appreciate all of your hard work Mr. Heisler!-Anonymous



Mrs Shattuck,Washington Elementary

Thank you for helping my child find the joy of reading!-April Trout

Ms Tina,Transportation Department

Hands down best bus driver ever! Thanks for being a good role model and friend to Jensen! -The Trout family

Dan Ellis,High School

Mr. Ellis has gone above and beyond this year, teaching five classes during first semester, working to build the tennis program at the high school and middle school and working with students in Project Success to finish up their high school credits. Also appreciated is his humor and ability as a sounding board with behavior, curricular, and life choices. Project Success will miss him next year. Thanks for all you do, Dan!-Scot Morrison

Mr. Schmitt,High School

Mr. Schmitt is one of a kind. He makes class interesting, builds relationships with students, represents staff in the Union, coaches Esports and just makes everyday better. Thank you for your humor and ability to see things in a variety of viewpoints. Project Success will miss you next year! Thanks Brandon!-Scot Morrison

Bobby Hejnal,High School

Thanks for all your hard work, especially the Yearbook hours you put in outside of the school day. And thank you for ALWAYS putting kids and colleagues first! You rock!-Scot Morrison

Josh Rademacher,High School

Mr. Rad thank you for always bringing high energy to our building! We appreciate your ability to be flexible enough to join PS half way through the year and make a seamless transition! The efforts you are putting in to building the Esports program do not go unnoticed. Thanks for being a part of our community. Project Success will miss you next year!-Scot Morrison

Lindsay Blair, High School

Mrs. Blair is indispensable to CHS and CPS. Thank you for being the voice of reason at times and looking at situations through a variety of lenses. You have been the heartbeat of Project Success, steady and unwavering. Thanks for all the support you've given all your students and colleagues.-Scot Morrison

Susan Cosby,High School

Thank you for all your support with Project Success and our students. You are always welcoming and smiling and we appreciate it. Your job requires big shoes to fill and thank goodness you are here, you're simply irreplaceable in our eyes! Thank you!-Scot Morrison

Emily Nenortas, Central Office 

Emily, thank you for always making time to trouble shoot issues, answer questions or just check in with. You are an expert at what you do and Project Success and I appreciate you going out of your way to support us every day! Thank you!-Scot Morrison

Alicia Curtis, Parkview Elementary

You have helped my classroom a great deal since I took over this room. I am very grateful for all the hard work and dedication you exhibit on a daily basis. You're an amazing principal, thank you for all you do!-Mr. P

Darlene Arnett,Parkview Elementary

Thank you for all the help and support you have provided this classroom during my stint here at Parkview. I'm sure the students will miss you as much as you will miss them! Have a great summer!-Mr. P

Lexie Lanning,Parkview Elementary

Thank you for all the hard work and assistance you've provided to this classroom during my time as the substitute. Good luck in your future endeavors and have a great summer!-Mr. P

Kayleigh Erk,Other

Kayleigh is always doing her best leading the Pre-k classroom even with all of the challenges she’s been through she still comes to work with a smile on her face and ready to teach the future of our community. -Anonymous