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The Charlotte Aquatic Center was designed and constructed as a multi-use facility for people of all ages. 

The main pool can simultaneously accommodate physical education students from the Middle School and High School, lap swimmers, and adult water fitness classes. The adjacent exercise pool is used daily for therapy patients from Hayes Green Beach Hospital, special needs students and adults, adult exercise classes, and personal training and independent water exercise.

The entire facility is climate controlled, including air-conditioned student and separate adult locker rooms and a family changing area. The main pool is a chlorine pool and has a balcony seating for 250 people, a shallow swim area with underwater benches, and a lap swim area. The exercise pool is maintained at a higher water and air temperature and is equipped with an underwater bench and jets for spa capabilities.

Charlotte Public Schools is proud to introduce the new Youth Recreation Program. This collaborative program has been developed to enhance the quality of recreation programs for the youth of Charlotte. Charlotte Public Schools believes youth recreation contributes to the development and well-being of individual students in our community. The CPS Youth Recreation Program provides a quality, unified program for our students to stay active and learn lessons that team sports can instill in our young people.

Our program values are simple yet important to understand:

  • Offer a wide range of recreation programs for the youth in our community at a reasonable cost
  • Increase participation numbers for our youth, along with programming enhancements that expose our youth to basic fundamentals in a variety of sports
  • Be a conduit to provide feedback regarding the involvement of varsity coaches and athletes in youth programs
  • Enable a culture of active students and families by promoting healthy lifestyles
  • And, provide youth recreation programs with high quality coaches, volunteers, and community involvement for our younger student athletes.

We look forward to providing an exceptional experience for your child. Please reach out to us to learn more about our youth recreation opportunities at 517.541.5163. Go Orioles!

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