Project Success Enrollment

Graduation Requirements

Students will not enroll in typical high school courses. Instead, they will earn credit through the completion of standards in project based, cross curricular modules. Aligned to the Common Core and Michigan High School Content Expectations, these courses combine to encompass the Michigan Merit Curriculum. To those ends, they must complete the following credits:

English Language Arts

4 credits to include:

  • English Language Arts 9
  • English Language Arts 10
  • English Language Arts 11
  • English Language Arts 12

Physical Education & Health

1 credit (½ PE & ½ Health)


3 credits to include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry or Physics
  • 1 additional science class

Social Studies

3 credits to include:

  • U.S. History & Geography
  • World History & Geography
  • Government/Economics

Visual Performing & Applied Arts

1 Credit Includes Band, Choir, Art, Business, Agriculture, Life Skills & Vocational-Technical Education Classes

Online Learning Experience

Course, Learning or Integrated Learning Experience. (At this time this requirement is met by use of IPAP & Apps. in courses taken in the 7th-12th grades.).

World Language

2 credits (requirement may be adjusted if flexibility is reapplied)


4 credits to include: Algebra 1

  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Math experience in the final year