February 2, 2023

Oriole scavenger hunt helps new staff learn about Charlotte

Staff solved clues and took selfies at locations that included Charlotte restaurants, shops, school buildings and recreation spots

As we have hired many new teachers and administrators, we wanted to revitalize a past teacher program the "Oriole Team Camp".  We will be meeting periodically with the new educational staff and talking about teaching strategies, sharing ideas, and bonding as a new hire cohort.  As a kick-off event, we organized an Oriole Scavenger Hunt, so that they could see fun aspects about our district and learn about our amazing town!  We had three teams, solving clues to find Charlotte locations, taking fun selfies with extra points for creativity or including community members, and generally having a great time! 

Staff were able to find specific locations that included Charlotte restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, as well as school buildings and recreation spots. Some clues were specific to a location like “Where you don’t have to be a history buff to hear the clock strike 12” i.e. Courthouse Square, but others were up to debate, like the “Best Coffee in Charlotte”, so that we could debrief with the teams and talk about multiple Charlotte points of pride.  A huge thank you to our community partners, who supported this event, and even gave out free popcorn (Eaton Theatre!).  To see our new staff have fun, learn about Charlotte, and meet our community members was a win-win situation, and we are planning a staff wide sequel for the start of next school year!

Congratulations and bragging rights to the winning team: Alicia Curtis, Chris Johnson, Karen Miller, Jessica Williams, and Becky Taylor.  They found the most locations, and won extra creativity points for temporarily swiping our staff kick ball trophy (one of the location clues) and taking it on a selfie tour around Charlotte! We are so glad to have all of these new members join our Oriole family! 

Go Orioles, Oriole Pride!

Dr. Mandy Stewart,
CPS Superintendent