January 19, 2024

CPS Strategic Plan in Place

Work begins on phase one of “Our Flight Plan” for continuous improvement

A goal for Charlotte Public Schools for this year was to go through the strategic plan process for future improvement and growth in our district. Our last strategic plan process was done 5 years ago, and with the vast amount of changes and progress since then, it was definitely time to get feedback on new goals for our Oriole Team! We started with live focus groups that included parents, students, staff, and community members, guided by a third party partnership. After reporting those results at our Board of Education meeting, surveys were sent to all staff, parents, and CHS students. Once those results were compiled, a strategic planning committee was formed, including a variety of stakeholders, to analyze the data. After reviewing the various data sets, they then began to prioritize the areas of focus and draft a strategic plan to take to the Board of Education. This draft was then approved at the January 8th board meeting.

This three year plan is beginning with a communication roll out, and then members of our strategic plan will be working on our Phase 1 goal areas throughout the 23-24 school year! Please watch for updates and communication, and a HUGE thank you to all of our participating community members for their feedback and support! Below is a summary of our Phase 1 (three phases in total)  CPS goals for what we call “Our Flight Plan” for continuous improvement.

Phase I (Taking Flight)

  • Enhance security measures across the district to ensure the safety of our school community.
  • Prioritize staff retention to bolster the long-term success of our district.
  • Identify and clarify current district procedures to refine and create universal and accessible policies that are communicated and implemented with fidelity district-wide
  • Maintain and support the increase of extra and co-curricular opportunities throughout the district, meeting the diverse needs of the Charlotte Community.

We could not have started this process without you, and we are focused on moving forward with your important voice on what is needed in Charlotte Public Schools!

An extra thank you to our planning committee members: Mandy Stewart, Alicia Curtis, R.J. Guizzetti, Karen Tomlinson, Michelle Sine, Joanna Schultz, Michelle Swarbrick, Tamra Weissenborn, Ryan Guimont, Nick Boucher, Jeff Bennett, Rachel Bump, Jim Cicorelli, Mari Calton, Kristen Toadvine, Ashlyn Coats, Amy Jones, Dillon Burns, Beth Monroe, Andy Czaika, Emily Nenortas, Gabe Sommer, Abby Pardick, Andrew Keith, Amber Creech, and Zach Everly

Go Orioles!  Oriole Pride!

Dr. Mandy R. Stewart- CPS Superintendent