Welcome Letter

Every year the Charlotte Public School’s Transportation Department strives to provide safe transportation to over 1600 students to and from school. In addition, we are proud to transport many more of our students for extracurricular activities, such as field trips, athletic competitions, or other special student events.

The team that makes up the CPS Transportation Department understands the importance the ride to school makes in setting a positive tone for our students as they start their learning process each
day. Our team also takes pride in our safety record when transporting your students. With your help, we can continue this strong tradition and we can ensure that all our students become successful school bus riders.

Charlotte Public Schools is proud to offer this service to our students. It is our goal to ensure that students and parents understand our policies and procedures, along with behavior expectation, so that students can be successful bus riders. However, this is a privilege which can be revoked if a student’s behavior jeopardizes his/her and/or the safety of others. If a student loses this privilege, then it becomes the parent’s responsibility to transport the student to and from school.

Please review the Transportation Handbook with your students and return the signature page to your driver. The answer to many of your questions in regards to transportation can be found here. We are looking forward to working together so that all students have an opportunity for success.

Here are a few key points we would like to highlight that can also be found in our CPS Transportation Handbook.

  • School bus stops are established in accordance with Michigan Law, District policies, and Michigan Department of Education best practice guidelines.
  • It is not practical to stop at every student’s home. Group stops are established whenever possible.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility for the safety of their child to and from the bus stop location and while at the stop.
  • For students in DK—3rd grade it IS A REQUIREMENT to have a guardian or designated responsible adult at the bus stop both in the morning and afternoon.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 517.543.3400.


Nay Sebastian
Transportation Supervisor
Charlotte Public Schools